From dragging hernias the size of coconuts, little Polly has a new lease on life

March 11, 2021

Over the past couple of years, Polly has endured more than any animal should. Edging close to a tragic end, the sweet little Chihuahua cross was thankfully rescued before it was too late. 

With two hernias the size of coconuts bulging from her groin, Polly was living in constant pain and discomfort. 

She could barely walk, the growths dragging along the ground with each step. It was a miracle that they hadn’t burst by the time she came into our care.

Polly was almost dragging her own body weight

Despondent and weak, cowering in fear in the dark of her kennel, Polly was in a pitiful state when our inspectors found her. Shocked by the size of the hernias, they took extra care transporting her back to the Lonsdale shelter. 

On arrival, she received an urgent vet assessment.  As well as the two inguinal hernias, our vet team identified a range of other medical conditions, including allergic skin disease, dry eye, knee damage and respiratory difficulties.

Polly was constantly scratching her itchy, irritated skin, as well as struggling to walk and breathe.

Donations made a difference

Our vet team calculated that the surgery required for the hernias, along with ongoing medication, treatment and care, would cost around $2000.

Thankfully, her Animal Emergency fund drew in plenty of support from the community. Like us, everyone who saw her condition was shocked and keen to help.

After all that time living in such a terrible state with no help from those responsible for her care, Polly never gave up – and once she was in our care, we weren’t going to give up on her either.

A quick recovery

Since her treatment, Polly has been regaining her strength while staying with foster carer Jess, who has been amazed by her ability to bounce back. 

“She’s been really active, especially after her hernia removal surgery. As soon as she got those removed she started to love going on walks and going to the beach,” said Jess. 

“You can tell she is really happy being able to lie on her belly and stretch her back.”

She’s a brand new dog

Polly has transformed into a whole new dog; no longer in pain, she is able to enjoy every minute of her day.

“She’s a really good dog. Every time I come home from work or Uni she will jump around and run to the end of the hallway and back. Dad knows exactly when I’m home just because of all the noise Polly makes!

“Even in the morning, she’s always super excited to see us. Sometimes she gets impatient and barks at us when we’re still asleep,” laughs Jess.

“She is always up for a cuddle and enjoys a nice peaceful snooze in anyone’s arms.”

Polly is looking to the future

With every week, Polly grows in strength. Jess says she’s amazed by the courage of this adorable little dog.

“She only used to be able to walk for about 10 minutes due to the discomfort from her hernias, but now she just doesn’t stop,” said Jess. 

“She’s having such a better time sleeping as well. When she first came in, she would only lie down if someone else was sitting next to her but now she’s happy to lie down on her own. I think her confidence is coming back.”

Jess has become an avid supporter of the foster care program and loves to witness the growth of each animal she takes in.

“I think it’s really important to foster care because it gives animals that have had a rough time a good environment to build their confidence and trust in people,” she said.

“Foster caring also provides a temporary home for those animals that are waiting to be adopted into their forever homes. It’s far better for them to live in someone’s home than in a shelter. It’s also a good way to understand their personalities and help the Lonsdale team find the perfect fit for them in the future.”

You can join our foster care team here! 

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