Meet Penny, the life-saving wonder cat with a sixth sense

December 06, 2019

Five years ago, beautiful Penny was rescued from the streets and brought to our Lonsdale Shelter as a tiny stray.

The tortoiseshell kitten may have been the runt of her litter, but her petite size was never going to stop her from achieving amazing things and becoming a saviour for her adopted family.

Enamoured adopted family only has eyes for Penny

Just as Penny arrived at Lonsdale, young Alex had been begging his mother Sarah for a kitten in the lead up to his 5th birthday.

“I took my son to Lonsdale and he instantly fell in love with Penny. He would not even look at any other cats,” grins Sarah.

A true happy tail and meant-to-be moment, Penny was swiftly adopted by Sarah and Alex, who welcomed the lucky kitty into their family with loving arms.

Feline fur sibling shows Penny the ropes

As adorable as Penny was as a kitten, Sarah recalls that she had a soft and needy side to her, and was a little reserved and shy at first.

Sarah jokes that Penny was a ‘meowy little sook’, but lucky for her, feline sister Ruby helped her to gain confidence, forcing her to fight for cuddles!

Against larger Ruby, Penny wasn’t going to let her slight stature get in the way of a good snuggle. She quickly earned the title of ‘lap cat’ and became a constant source of joy for her new family.

“She keeps us entertained at all times,” says Sarah about Penny’s quirky habits. “I once found her eating crumpets and even a gerbera out of a vase.”

A sixth sense emerges

Over the past five years, Sarah realised that there was something even more special about Penny than she could ever have imagined. By detecting a change in Sarah’s blood glucose, the clever little cat has saved her life twice.

“As a Type 1 diabetic, my glucose levels can be a nightmare, especially if I am sleeping,” says Sarah. “Any sudden drops in blood glucose levels can be difficult to consciously detect.”

“Almost every night, Penny meows at my bedroom door and then goes back to her bed in the lounge room. On two particular occasions, she would not stop meowing at my door at midnight,” explains Sarah.

“She sounded like a cat version of desperate screaming… and I woke up slowly and extremely groggy.”

Once awake and intrigued as to what was disturbing Penny, Sarah went to let the meowing kitty into her bedroom.

“She persisted to meow and was nudging up against my leg, urging me towards my blood glucose measuring metre down the hallway,” Sarah says.

Sarah was shocked to find her blood glucose levels were dangerously low, and believes that Penny was trying to help her.

“Penny then sat with me in the kitchen as I treated my blood glucose with jellybeans, and she did not leave my side until she felt that I was safe,” smiles Sarah.

“She is my wonder cat.”

When she’s not saving lives, Penny enjoys purring her family to sleep

Not only has Penny been a life-saving wonder cat, she has also been a caring companion for Alex and Sarah.

Sarah says, “Penny often wraps around my head when I am lying in bed and purrs loudly to help me sleep. She even pumps her claws gently on my scalp, almost as if she is giving me a massage.”


With the most loving personality, Penny has also brought comfort to Sarah in times of need

“Although I am now married, Penny was a great source of comfort and company when I was a single mother,” Sarah tells us. “She will often ‘talk’ to me when I need a confidante.”

Overall, Sarah just couldn’t be more grateful for Penny’s presence in her life.

“She has been a best friend for Alex, and my lifesaver,” says Sarah.

“I truly struck it lucky when my son chose her.”

Did you love hearing about wonder cat Penny? If you’re considering opening your heart and home to a rescued animal like Penny, head over here to see all our animals currently available for adoption.

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3 thoughts on “Meet Penny, the life-saving wonder cat with a sixth sense”

  1. Alex

    My little baby girl

  2. Alecia Jennings

    She is absolutely adorable. She looks just like my cat ‘Meowsie’. Goes to show how much our animals love their owners. Our dog does the same thing when my mum blood glucose levels r low. Won’t leave her side. It’s just built in them. Truly special.

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