Patches, the vision-impaired cat who only sees love

April 03, 2018

Sweet little Patches came to RSPCA South Australia late last year after being found in a rubbish dump in Adelaide’s north, along with his three siblings. All four kittens were in very poor condition – and Patches appeared to be nearly blind.

Back at our Lonsdale shelter, our veterinarians soon determined that 4-month-old Patches has cataracts in both eyes, likely hereditary. But they weren’t ready to give up on this plucky little kitten.

New owner Eddy and his beloved Patches

Patches had been relying on his siblings to gauge movements and actions, but really began to thrive when placed in foster care on his own. With the help of RSPCA foster mum Gayle, he soon learnt to move around the house by himself, learning to listen out for the sounds of his food bowl and his foster mum.

“You couldn’t come into his room without being greeted by a bundle of love and joy,” Gayle recalls. “He puts sunshine in your day.”

Vision-impaired Eddy finds the perfect cat

By late February, Patches was ready to find his forever home – just as Eddy and his mum Emma were looking to adopt. A family with vision impairment themselves, Emma’s husband uses a guide dog to help get around and 16-year-old Eddy is partially blind. 

The kind-hearted family had been on the lookout for another cat, after the loss of their last one, when Eddie stumbled across Patches’ adoption profile online. The connection was immediate and Patches came home with Eddy soon after. 

Patches making himself right at home

Feeling out his new home

Eddy was patient and kind with his new cat after discovering Patches was hesitant with males. But it didn’t take long for Patches’ innately inquisitive nature to take over. “He’s a cheeky little monkey with a gorgeous nature. He’s a wonderful addition to our family and has made my son Eddy very happy,” Emma says.

Patches spends most of his time in Eddie’s washing basket, a spot he’s decided is fit for a king. He also loves his daily supervised visit to the garden, though – as with many vision impaired animals – he tends to hang around the corners and fences of the yard.

Despite Patches ease at settling into his new life, the family’s guide dog Winnie is convinced Patches is a guide-dog-eating monster. Emma laughs as she describes the large dog’s reaction to the two kilogram kitten. But she’s sure it’s only a matter of time before Winnie’s suspicions about Patches are long forgotten.   

Patches exploring his new home and garden

A very happy ending for Patches

The family believe that Patches only has about one or two metres of vision, but he’s steadily gaining more confidence. He has learnt to rely on sounds and movements, and is becoming more independent and more loved, the older he gets.

Emma’s advice to anyone considering adopting an RSPCA animal? “Don’t rush into anything. Look around and see which animals want to get to know you. Always adopt and never shop.”

Congratulations to Eddy and Emma for giving this special kitty such a fabulous second chance at life. If you’re considering opening your heart and home to a rescued animal, head over here to see all our animals currently available for adoption.

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4 thoughts on “Patches, the vision-impaired cat who only sees love”

  1. Christina walker

    I’m Eddy’s grandmother and to see them bond has been so heartwarming. ♥️❤️A real love match.

  2. Sue Mills

    Thanks, Emma and Eddy for giving Patches such a loving home. You all look very happy!

  3. Ash

    Patch is a lovely little fellow. Fits right in with his new family. Truly a fantastic match. He seems to be improving with his outlook on males too. Eddy was suprised when I picked Patches up and he was purring away happily. Seems to me these souls are good for each other. Whats not to love here?

  4. Sue

    What a lovely, refreshing story to read, so glad Patches found you as a family, he is very lucky !

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