Old mate Ned finds himself a home

April 02, 2021

AT 12 years and eight months, poor old Ned had grown long in the tooth – well actually, he had a few teeth missing. The gorgeous old boy was surrendered to us at the start of the year.

It took a few attempts to find Ned his forever home but he never gave up. Despite his age, he had plenty of energy.

Thankfully Ned had grown patient with age and didn’t have to wait long before finding his soulmate in animal-lover April.

New owner April has sent through a heartwarming update on Ned.

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to give you an update on how Ned and I are going. Ned has settled in beautifully and is enjoying my roast chicken at mealtimes.

He is still taking his time on the dry food, even with water added. He loves to take baths.

Ned is doing so well

His first two nights he woke up every second hour, but since then he has slept through every night. He now sits at my feet wherever I am and loves to follow me around the house.

Ned behaves himself when I leave to go out and cannot take him, but when I can take him he loves to come along for a ride in the car. He’s doing so well!

He’s a bit fussy with his music taste – he likes to listen to anything relaxing or just to sit in silence. If he isn’t enjoying what I’m playing he will bark and tell me to turn it off.

Take care,

from April and Ned X 

If you are considering adopting an older dog, we have plenty looking for a loving new home on our adoption page.

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