McGee was on the brink of death – until a cruelty report saved his life

September 24, 2020

When dog-lover Chris adopted McGee from our Lonsdale shelter, he had no idea the Rhodesian Ridgeback cross had endured so much neglect.

Warning: images of animal cruelty in this post may be distressing for some readers.

Looking at Mcgee now, you’d never imagine his terrible past

At Chris’ home in the Adelaide Hills, McGee spends his days doing what all dogs should – running around in the yard, enjoying the occasional treat (or two), and of course, sharing the bed with his fur dad.

McGee also enjoys frequent trips to the beach, where he digs his paws into the sand, splashes in the water, and takes in the fresh air.

His days are filled with love and light.

“He loves being the centre of attention,” Chris tells us.

Now, McGee gets all the attention he needs and more from his totally smitten owner.

But it wasn’t always this way.

When McGee was first seized by an inspector from a regional SA property in mid-2019, he was so emaciated that his body condition score was just 0.5/9.

His owner had starved him almost to death.

A new life starts for this brave boy

In the care of RSPCA, Mcgee was placed on a careful feeding plan and doubled his weight in just nine weeks.

Thankfully, his previous owner legally surrendered McGee into our care and we were able to find him the forever home he deserved – and he soon met Chris.

“I didn’t know about his past and I don’t want to think of what he’s been through,” Chris tells us.

“I’m just so grateful I’m the one giving this magnificent animal a second chance.”

In court, our legal team fights for justice for McGee

In December 2019, the defendant pleaded guilty two counts of animal ill-treatment due to failure to provide adequate food and water to both McGee and another dog called DeeDee – who also fully recovered in the care of RSPCA, and was then rehomed.

Taking into account the defendant’s early guilty plea, cooperation with RSPCA South Australia inspectors and several mitigating factors, the magistrate sentenced the defendant to two weeks’ imprisonment, suspended upon entry into a nine-month good behaviour bond in the sum of $400.

The defendant was also prohibited from owning animals indefinitely, with the exception of four cats already in their care.

The magistrate ordered that RSPCA was to maintain supervision over these cats.

It was a happy ending for McGee in his new life with Chris.

But it could have been very different.

RSPCA is the only South Australian charity with legal power to investigate animal cruelty – but inspectors rely on the public to be their eyes and ears.

That’s why RSPCA has again launched its Combat Cruelty campaign, which asks South Australians to take the pledge to combat cruelty.

Please, help us see an end to animals suffering the way McGee did – and pledge to be a voice for animals. 

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One thought on “McGee was on the brink of death – until a cruelty report saved his life”

  1. Gwynneth Morris

    They are our companions. They are our seeing eye dogs. They are our hearing dogs, cadaver dogs, sniffer dogs in cancer, diabetes and now Corvid. Yet they are beaten, starved, burned, kicked and skinned. I adore them.

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