McCracken woman pleads guilty to neglecting three Siamese cats

December 12, 2018

A 22-year-old McCracken woman last month pleaded guilty to failing to feed and provide clean water and living conditions for three Siamese cats.

RSPCA South Australia was alerted to the case in February, when a member of the public attended the property intending to buy a kitten and discovered a house strewn with faeces and rubbish.

Cats locked in filthy cages without food or water

Two RSPCA inspectors who investigated found three Siamese cats locked in small cages out the back, with no access to food or water and very dirty litter trays.

Siamese cat prosecution case

The three cats were immediately seized and brought to RSPCA’s Lonsdale shelter.

RSPCA veterinarians spent months caring for the three neglected Siamese cats – a mother named Grace and her adult kittens, Lyla and Simon – in an effort to bring them all back to health.

All three bear ongoing scars from their past treatment. But, nine months after their seizure, all three cats are now well enough to go up for adoption, and are looking for very special forever homes that can give them the ongoing care they need.

Months of care later, all 3 cats ready to find forever homes

**UPDATE: Grace, Lyla and Simon have now all found their forever homes. Hooray!**

Grace Siamese cat AID 133056 1

Grace is a beautiful, gentle lady with a lovely nature. The 3-year-old Siamese has had extensive treatment for gingivitis and also needed hernia repair surgery.

But despite all she’s suffered and survived, Grace remains a loving and friendly cat. She is happy to be picked up for a cuddle and really enjoys exploring.

Grace is so bonded to her daughter Lyla, that we’ve decided they simply must go to the same home!

Grace and Lyla

Lyla is a sweet natured girl, a little shy but curiosity usually gets the better of her. She absolutely loves her mum and would love to find a new home with her.

Lyla was also suffering gingivitis when seized, and has a heart condition, too – before adoption, our veterinarians will speak to her potential new forever family about how to manage this.

Simon the Siamese

Simon, meanwhile, is an independent, outgoing boy looking for a home of his own. He, too, needs special love and care, as our veterinarians have detected a heart murmur, which will require yearly checkups. This will be discussed with his potential new family during a pre-adoption consult.

Simon loves adventure, exploring, running and playing. He is very inquisitive and likes to know what’s happening around him. And he has a lot to say!

**UPDATE: Grace, Lyla and Simon have now all found their forever homes. Hooray!**

Charges upheld in Victor Harbour courts

Meanwhile, RSPCA South Australia’s prosecutor last month brought the case against the cats’ former owner to court.

In Victor Harbour Magistrates Court on November 6, 2018 the defendant pleaded guilty to three charges of failing to provide adequate food, water and living conditions.

Grace's before and after

The defendant was ordered to pay $4,700 in veterinary and legal costs, received a 12-month good behaviour bond and was banned from owning animals indefinitely, aside from one dog already in her care.

The magistrate opted not to record a conviction.

RSPCA South Australia is the state’s only animal welfare charity empowered to prosecute animal cruelty under SA’s Animal Welfare Act. If you see animal cruelty or neglect, please immediately call our 24-hour hotline on 1300 4 777 22. Learn more here.


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5 thoughts on “McCracken woman pleads guilty to neglecting three Siamese cats”

  1. Esther Kingston

    I will happily give any of these beautiful cats a loving forever home. I have older children, two female dogs, and a 6 yr old male Tonkinese. If u think my place would be suitable for any of these beautiful creatures, please let me know

    1. Hi Esther, thanks so much for your interest. Unfortunately we can’t take expressions of interest over the phone or via our website, so please head to our Lonsdale shelter to meet Grace, Lyla and Simon if you’re interested in adopting. Thanks!

  2. Dot

    Why no conviction recorded??? Bloody back yard breeders make me sick. The woman should have been made to pay for all the treatment those babies will need in the near future. Good on the people that did report her.

  3. Khesanh green

    How much money is it to buy Simon ?

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