Max’s first Christmas

December 01, 2016

Hi, I’m Max.  I’m only nine months old & this Christmas will be my very first… I’m so excited!! I’ll get to wake up next to my very best friend in the world, Ryder, and spend the whole day alongside my wonderful, snuggly hoomans, who will make sure I am looking my very best. I will go to sleep in a soft & cosy bed with a full tummy. But it all could have been so different if it wasn’t for the caring people from RSPCA.

When I was saved by RSPCA
When I was saved by RSPCA

You see, I was one of seven puppies born in a house without love and without care. My mum was trying her hardest to feed us even though she wasn’t getting enough food herself and when we all started feeling itchy… oh so itchy, the lady did nothing to help us. Scratching felt so good, until we scratched so much that we started bleeding and our skin got infected. Then it hurt. It hurt so much. And no-one was there to help.

Cheryl, one of RSPCA’s Inspectors came to check up on us after getting a report there was a skinny dog and puppies living on a property in regional South Australia. Our owner hadn’t been in trouble before, so Cheryl gave her the chance to take us all to a vet and feed us more food. She left that day, but she didn’t forget about us. Cheryl was back again a few days later to check that our owner had done what she said she would – but she hadn’t. Cheryl didn’t leave us behind that day, she bundled us up safe and sound in the back of her van, and took us to see a vet straight away.

By the time our Guardian Angels came to help and take us away from this horrible lady, our skin was in such terrible shape, it took weeks and weeks of dedicated care to make us feel better and for our fur to grow back.

I moved in with Rosita, one of RSPCA’s dedicated foster carers, with 3 of my sisters, while my other sister and two brothers moved in with another foster carer, Emily. Rosita said we weren’t in a good state at all, we were all in pain, exhausted from the constant scratching – and we were sad, so sad. Rosita and Emily made sure we were given all the love and care we wanted and needed. Over several weeks our fur grew back & we slowly transformed into the fun loving, mischief making puppies that were hidden under months of neglect and suffering.

All my brothers and sisters quickly found their forever homes, with loving families. It took a bit longer for me to find my forever home, but it wasn’t far away at all! Once the legal proceedings had finished, Rosita, my foster carer was able to follow her heart and adopt me into her family. I was so happy to be staying with my big brother, Ryder. I got my Christmas wish granted early this year!


With my bestest friend, Ryder

I think I am one lucky puppy. My life could have been so different if it wasn’t for RSPCA and people like you, who think animals deserve a life with someone to love and care for them, free from cruelty.

Please become a Guardian Angel for an animal like me, who need some special care and help to find a loving home of their very own. Without you, I would not be where I am now and many other animals would not have a second chance either.

Thank you

You can become a Guardian Angel for animals like me here


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One thought on “Max’s first Christmas”

  1. Aislinn Macdonald-McCarthy

    that is the most heart warming story i have ever read, it hurts me to know that someone would do the to such adorable puppies.

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