Brave kitty recovers from life-threatening snake bite and jumps into new life of love

October 18, 2019

Does this gorgeous girl look familiar to you? At just 10 months old, Manasa was found near death lying in a Mawson Lakes garden bed, covered in ants and completely unable to move.

With her two newborn kittens lying dead beside her, the ginger tabby was crying in pain and fear.

It was a truly heartbreaking scene – and it’s lucky RSPCA Rescue Officer Nalika arrived when she did.

But guess what? Thanks to you, this story has a super happy ending!

Manasa with RSPCA senior vet nurse Diandra Sferruzzi and head vet Brad Ward. Photo: Tricia Watkinson, The Advertiser.

Kind-hearted animal lovers save Manasa’s life

Manasa was rushed to our Lonsdale shelter for emergency surgery, where our vets soon determined that the sweet girl had been bitten by a snake, prompting the premature birth of her poor little babies.

She deserved a special name to reflect her incredible survival story – and so she was called Manasa, in honor of the Hindi goddess of the snakes.

After being given a dose of brown snake anti-venom, this 10-month-old fighter was well on the way to recovery.

But her story wasn’t over.

Unfortunately, Manasa’s ongoing care came at a great cost to our charity, so we asked for help to fund her surgery and rehabilitation costs if she were ever going to recover fully.

It’s only thanks to the extreme generosity of those who donated to Manasa’s cause that we raised a remarkable $3,237 – with these funds not only providing for Manasa’s treatment, but also for the needs of the thousands of other animals who come into our care each year. 

We were absolutely touched. With the worst behind her, Manasa was soon ready to begin her new life.

Endless love and comfort right around the corner for this brave goddess

When Encounter Bay residents Joan and Eric stumbled across Manasa’s incredible survival story on Facebook, they knew they had to bring her home.

Now an indoors-only cat, Manasa is safe for good and will never be threatened by a snake again. We’re thrilled to say that she loves spending her days curled up on her mum’s lap, people-watching on the windowsill and chatting to her canine sibling through the window.

“She’s got her toys spread all through the house,” Eric says.

“She jumps nearly a metre high playing with some of them! And she just loves to lie on her back and have scratches. She’s obviously very happy here.”

A heartwarming end to a rough beginning

With happy hearts we say a big thank you to the wonderful beings who donated to help cover the costs of Manasa’s surgery and after-care.

The life she now lives couldn’t be further from how we first found her that heartbreaking day in March, barely hanging on.

Thank you for making it all possible.

From the bottom of our hearts, we’re so grateful to all our supporters who made Manasa’s new life with Eric and Joan a reality. If you’d like to continue helping animals just like Manasa, head over here to see our current emergency appeals.

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