Magneto the tabby trooper finds life of love and iPad games after leg amputation

December 21, 2018

Bleeding, limping and in unimaginable pain, our team of vets predicted that Magneto had been hit by a car and left for days before being found.

At the end of October, the 2-year-old tabby came to us from an emergency vet late at night with a leg so badly injured there was no choice but to remove it.

“As soon as we saw Magneto, we knew his leg would have to be amputated,” says RSPCA South Australia veterinarian Emma. “The poor cat’s foot was completely crushed and so damaged that it simply wasn’t saveable.”

‘Considering the extent of his injuries, he was just beautiful to deal with’

With no skin at all on the lower half of his leg, this brave cat was likely in terrible pain. Yet veterinarian Emma couldn’t believe how well Magneto handled his medical treatment.

“He was so tolerant and friendly,” she says.

“Considering the extent of his injuries, he was just beautiful to deal with – he wouldn’t stop giving us head-butts!”

A new life of love and care for this one-legged wonder

It’s hard to believe that Magneto was lacking so much love when we first met him that he was not only injured, but also underweight and in need of desexing.

Fast forward to his life with adopted owner Tammy months later and things couldn’t be more different.

After weeks of searching for the ideal fur-companion for fellow feline rescue Betty, Tammy wasn’t going to settle for just any cat.

“I met a few other cats at shelters, but none were suited to our home. Until I met Magneto,” she says.

Love at first sight for Tammy and Magneto

When Tammy met Magneto at our Lonsdale shelter in November, she instantly fell for his beautiful temperament and loving personality.

“I spent a while petting and scratching him … and then he got up and I realised he had a leg missing!” the Mannum resident said.

But for Tammy, Magneto’s unconventional form wasn’t going to stop him from becoming part of her family. He was so inquisitive, friendly and calm that she knew he was exactly the cat she’d been searching for.

“I knew he could become accustomed to life as an amputee at his own pace, in safety, with me and Betty.”

Food, games and endless fun for this beautiful kitty

Since moving in with Tammy and fur-sibling Betty, Magneto has enjoyed a truly charmed life.

Spending his days playing with Betty, munching on grass and lounging on his favourite chair, the affectionate feline couldn’t be happier. He also makes a habit of reminding Tammy when it’s dinner time!

Unique in manner as well as appearance, Magneto has also found a new favourite activity – playing cat games on the iPad.

“I never thought I’d say I have to limit my cat’s screen time!” Tammy jokes.

A feline friend for life

With Magneto’s enchanting personality, it seems his spot in the family has benefited the whole household.

“Betty eats better now and has more interesting and active days. She and Magneto tear around the house together, which has been great for both of them!”

By the sounds of it, not only is Magneto flourishing, but so is everyone around him.

“He is happy, healthy, and has adapted to life as an amputee with no trouble at all,” Tammy assures us. “Thanks to RSPCA for helping Magneto survive and thrive.”

We’d also like to thank you, Tammy, for giving Magneto the second chance he truly deserved.

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