Meet the RSPCA volunteer who’s helped care for hundreds of dogs in need – for 21 years!

May 17, 2019

An avid dog lover with a deep appreciation for our four-legged, fur friends, Lyn Hector has donated her time and efforts to the dogs of RSPCA South Australia for the past 21 years. 

Now the Tuesday Team Leader of the Dog Care Team at our Lonsdale shelter, Lyn volunteers her time to give each dog some of her own special tender love and care.

“They do need TLC and it’s nice to be able to do that – I just love animals, particularly dogs,” she tells us.

‘More like family’: volunteering at RSPCA

A pillar of the work done each day at RSPCA’s animal shelter, Lyn describes her fellow volunteers as “more like family than anything”, and one of the best parts of her role at Lonsdale.

“The most surprising thing I’ve discovered about volunteering at RSPCA is the comradery with the other volunteers and how wonderful it can be to work together,” she says.

With her regular daily tasks including grooming, walking, playing and loving on the canines in care, Lynette likes to take particular care to spend extra time with more timid and frightened dogs.

“It might take a long time to encourage a shy dog to be able to come up to you, but it’s just an amazing feeling when they do begin to open up to you,” Lyn says.

So satisfying seeing neglected dogs find loving new families

Speaking of her proudest moments as an RSPCA volunteer, Lyn says she gains satisfaction and a deep sense of gratification when a dog she’s worked with is adopted to a loving home.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to walk in the park and recognise a dog that I have worked with and see that they’ve been rehomed,” she says.

“It just gives me a great sense of satisfaction seeing how they are being loved and cared for.”

For any warm-hearted individuals considering donating their time to the vulnerable animals of RSPCA South Australia and become a volunteer, Lyn has some wise words…

“It’s a great thing to do and a wonderful way to spend your time, particularly if you love animals – it’s very rewarding,” she says.

Cheers to you, Lyn, for everything you do and for being such a generous contributor of your time, effort and love. We salute you!

Can you spare time to help us save animals? It’s only with the support of kind-hearted volunteers that RSPCA South Australia can reach so many abandoned, neglected, sick and surrendered animals each year. Help us help them – apply to volunteer now. 


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