Puppy with terrible case of mange is unrecognisable after months of treatment

January 28, 2019

Lulu’s adoption story is one of our most celebrated. Hers is a story of extreme suffering, intense treatment and recovery, and the healing power of love.

Sweet Lulu ended up in the care of RSPCA South Australia with such severe and untreated mange that her eyes were almost swollen shut.

At her worst, Lulu even had trouble eating due to severe swelling on her face.

“Lulu came into my care at her worst,” her foster carer Cheryl recalls. “She couldn’t eat due to her swollen face, so I had to feed her medication and food through a syringe.”

Lulu also required medicated baths every second day and very regular vet check-ups.

When her now-mum Cheryl first laid eyes on Lulu in July 2013, she just knew she had to give her a better life.

“Although you could see she had experienced pain no puppy ever should, she always has her tail wagging and the biggest heart,” Cheryl says.

Having missed out on all of the regular puppy experiences, Cheryl was determined to give Lulu as normal and happy of a life as she could. A life filled with long walks in the dog park, visits to the beach and a whole lot of loving.

And truly, Lulu’s transformation has been incredible.

Now an adoring little sister to Great Dane brother Dexter and German Shepherd sister Skye, Lulu does everything with her siblings.

She shares a particularly special bond with Dexter and spends much of her time cuddling the great, friendly giant.

Lulu and her adoring Mum Cheryl.

These days you’ll find Lulu’s tail wagging from cuddles with her mum and spreading the love in her new home.

When asked what the best part of having Lulu is, Cheryl answered: “She reminds me every day that you can overcome anything life throws at you.”

Lulu before and after

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(A huge thank you to volunteer photographer Leigh Hyland for capturing Lulu’s incredible transformation.)







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