Kitten rescue

October 26, 2016

RSPCA to the rescue! Late last week Rescue Officer Nalika saved Sparkles the kitten from a drain…

"Oh nos! I iz stucks!"
“Oh no! I iz stucks!”

“One day I was out exploring – I love exploring! I was exploring the trees, and the grass when suddenly I fell! I was stuck. What was this place? It was dark, and damp. I could see the sky so I started to call out. I called for ages but no one came. I tried to climb – I am good at climbing. But I couldn’t get out. What if I could never get out? I realised I needed to try my loudest cry ever! That’s when the nice human heard me! I saw her face and she gave me some yummy food. I was sooooo hungry. I am still growing after all! While I was eating it got dark. I’m not scared of the dark – but I did get cold. I found a pipe I could cuddle up and I tried to be brave.

The next day a human came and put a pallet in this hole to try and help me get out – but I was just too small. There was nothing I could do but wait and hope that someone would come and rescue me! I kept calling out so the humans knew where to find me!

A little bit later the lady from RSPCA came to help me. She tried to get me out, but I was a little bit scared to go with her. I didn’t know her so I hid in the pipe. I wanted to trust her as she spoke to me softly. Then she put some food down. YUM! I was so hungry. Then she put a cage down for me to climb into and was able to lift me out to safety! She is a clever human. She saved me!

Now I’m nice and warm, and never hungry! I live with my foster family until I am old enough to find my own home. I even have my own kitten friend there, so I’m not lonely any more. Thank you RSPCA for saving me!”

Find out more about our Rescue Officers here. 

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2 thoughts on “Kitten rescue”

  1. Aislinn Macdonald-McCarthy

    That story reminds me of my cat, she was abandoned in a dumpster with her siblings at 1 week of age but only 3 of them survived, we took the others to the RSPCA and took our little poppet home, shes 3 now and the most adorable fluff ball you could ever meet.

  2. Angela ball

    I was realy upset and disappointed when i called up rspca for help about a group of homeless unwanted unloved unfed poor kittens and stray cats.i expected them to help this problem and somewoman accused me of the cats being my so upset i just gave up .Angela. ……

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