All SA shelters closed this Sunday for Million Paws Walk!

This Sunday, May 19, our Lonsdale, Whyalla and Port Lincoln shelters will be CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC as our staff attend our huge Million Paws Walk event. All three shelters will reopen as usual for adoptions and surrenders on Monday, May 20. We hope to see you at Million Paws Walk!

Amount raised: $1,600
Our goal: $71,020
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Help us build a better future for animals in Port Lincoln

With the recent announcement of RSPCA South Australia exciting new plans for Port Lincoln, I thought it was the perfect time for me to write to you and introduce myself. My name is Julia Churchett and I have recently been appointed as RSPCA’s new Port Lincoln Animal Care Manager. 

Some of you may remember me from when I worked here a few years ago. After a short stint working in Adelaide, I jumped at the chance to come home to be nearer my family and to work again with RSPCA and the Port Lincoln community. 

Over the coming months I will be busy getting our new premises ready so we can give the best possible care to the 400 animals that come through our doors each year.  It is a huge task but one that I am looking forward to, and I know the entire community will be behind me.

With the impending closure of our old shelter on Happy Valley Road we have found a new home on Windsor Avenue opposite the Ravendale Sports Complex. We have just signed the lease and now I am tasked with getting the new facility ready so we can open our doors to the sick, lost, abandoned and injured animals who need our help.

There’s quite a bit of work to do here. This is why I am asking if you can support us at this critical time. Once the Happy Valley Road property sells, all proceeds will be put towards the running of the new facility. Indeed, all funds raised in the Port Lincoln area will remain in the Port Lincoln area.

However, until then, we have a number of set up costs to get our feet off the ground.  I need to raise $71,020 so we can fit out our new animal care facility. 

This is why I am reaching out to ask if you can support us with a gift so we can start getting the new facility ready for animals in need.

Some of the items on our shopping list may look a little odd at first glance. Whilst we definitely will need dog beds, treats and water bowls in the future, right now we need to build the basic infrastructure from the ground up.

For example, we need to fit out our office space and reception area so our staff and volunteers can provide the best possible customer service. We need to install storage and refrigeration for veterinary supplies and medications. We also need to purchase an industrial washing machine and dryer so we can provide our animals with fresh clean bedding every day.

As you can see there is a lot to do and a lot for us to purchase before we open our doors to the animals. So if you can support us with a gift, we would be incredibly grateful. To make this new facility work, we are relying on people like you in the Port Lincoln community to help make our new shelter a reality.

We also plan to build five dog kennels and ten cat enclosures. All of which will be state of the art units incorporating in their design the latest in animal science for improving the wellbeing of the accommodated animals. 

The cat enclosures will be “Cat Condo” models from specialist manufacturer Therian. These units allow cats to exhibit their normal behaviours with separate sleeping, toileting and climbing areas and importantly have filtered ventilation systems for maximum hygiene and disease control.  These enclosures significantly reduce cat stress levels resulting in far fewer cases of cat flu and overall improved health and behaviour outcomes.

One shelter in WA replaced their old cat runs with these new condos, and reduced their cat flu rates from 47% down to 3%.” Cats appeared more relaxed and happier in the new living conditions. This means the cats are less stressed and a less stressed cat is a happy cat”   

Will you help us give the best possible accommodation to cats and dogs at our shelter? These condos come at a cost. A cost of $2,500 to be precise – for each condo. Our dog kennels once complete will cost about $6,000 each.  That’s nearly $60,000 that we need so our animals can have comfortable and safe lodgings whilst they are with us.  So you can see why I am writing to you to ask for your help. Please make a gift today and help us build a better future for the animals of Port Lincoln.

Thank you so much, 
Julia Churchett, Shelter Manager, RSPCA Port Lincoln