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We know that education is our most powerful tool to reduce animal suffering.

But our Lonsdale shelter is the most out-dated RSPCA facility of any of the major Australian states, and is not suited for redevelopment. We must create a modern hub for animal welfare, where we educate, engage and empower South Australians in best practice animal care.

We believe the ideal site for our proposed new Animal Care Campus is Glenthorne Farm, at O’Halloran Hill in Adelaide’s south.

We would only need 4 hectares of land to realise our vision – just 2% of Glenthorne Farm’s overall 208 hectares.

You can help show South Australia’s leaders that broad community support exists for RSPCA at Glenthorne Farm.

To help our cause right now, please sign our petition.

Want to know more about our vision? Click here for full details, including downloadable information brochures.

You can also help by voicing your support directly to your local MP. Click to access our toolkit for simple steps.

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