All SA shelters closed this Sunday for Million Paws Walk!

This Sunday, May 19, our Lonsdale, Whyalla and Port Lincoln shelters will be CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC as our staff attend our huge Million Paws Walk event. All three shelters will reopen as usual for adoptions and surrenders on Monday, May 20. We hope to see you at Million Paws Walk!

Amount raised: $5,867
Our goal: $3,500
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Viciously attacked by a stranger’s dog at the park – Buzz has had to pay the ultimate price. Will you help us to heal his body and his heart?

Buzz is the true definition of an innocent victim. He was happily walking alongside his owner at a local park when he was viciously attacked by another dog, who was off lead. Despite his owner’s desperate attempts to stop the attack, Buzz was severely injured and needed emergency veterinary treatment.

Buzz’s attack left him with a shattered front leg and numerous puncture wounds around his head and neck. The wounds will heal with a course of treatment, but his leg is a different story. With multiple bone fragments floating around the break, surgical treatment will be extremely complex. Buzz is likely to lose his leg.

Buzz's Fund - RSPCA SA

Can you help us mend his broken heart?

Buzz’s attacker disappeared. He had no owner with him. There was no-one to take responsibility for the actions of this dangerous dog. Poor Buzz has had to pay the ultimate price for an irresponsible dog owner. Buzz’s owner couldn’t afford his treatment and was forced to surrender him to an emergency vet clinic.  The clinic contacted RSPCA SA to see if we could care for him. 

Emergency care doesn’t come cheap. And Buzz’s injuries will require expensive surgery.

Even if Buzz does end up losing his leg, we know from experience a relatively young dog like Buzz will be able to cope well with changes in his mobility and if it is the best way to ensure he is not in pain going forward, then it will be the best option for him.

We will also be looking for a new loving home for Buzz once his wounds have healed and he has recovered from surgery. In addition to not being able to afford the emergency veterinary costs, some recent changes in Buzz’s family situation meant he was not able to receive the attention he craves.  As a people-focused dog, Buzz will be looking for a family who are at home a lot and who are able to provide him with a lot of time and attention. His previous owner is very sad to be surrendering him, but she does understand it is in his best interests to find a family whose circumstances allow them to spend a lot more time with him.

Please don’t let Buzz and his owner’s ultimate sacrifice be for nothing. Will you help us to fix Buzz’s broken body and give us the chance to mend his broken heart?

Please donate now to help mend Buzz’s broken heart.


Answers to your frequently asked questions

My animal needs surgery and I can’t afford it. Can I add them to this list?

Unfortunately, no. This website is to raise funds for animals that are in RSPCA South Australia’s care and custody. If you have financial trouble and your pet is in need of medical treatment or surgery, please contact us on 1300 4 777 22 so we can talk to you about your options. It is important that all animals receive the medical treatment they need.

Is my gift tax deductible and will I get a receipt for it?

Yes, any gift over $2 that is made to RSPCA South Australia is tax deductible. You will receive an official receipt emailed immediately to the email address you supplied when making your donation. If you have any further questions or if you haven’t received your receipt, you can also contact us directly on 1300 4 777 22, or send an email to

Will you keep my information secure?

RSPCA South Australia is committed to the protection of your personal information and handles all personal information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) prescribed in the Privacy Act 1988. Our privacy policy explains how RSPCA South Australia collects, uses, discloses and holds your personal information, and your rights of access to the information that we hold about you.

Why have some animals already had surgery?

Sometimes animals come to us with such serious, life-threatening conditions that require immediate treatment. Fundraising for these animals is still just as important as we need recover the funds we spent on the animal’s treatment so we can continue to care for others who need our help.

Why can’t RSPCA South Australia pay for this treatment themselves?

RSPCA South Australia is a non-government, community based charity. We rely on the generous support of the community for 90% of our funding. Without donations from the community, through campaigns such as the Animal Emergency Fund, we simply could not be there for animals in need.

What happens to the animals if the fundraising target isn’t reached?

We are committed to providing the best possible care for all creatures great and small. As a result, we will provide each and every animal with the care and treatment they need even if we aren’t able to reach the total fundraising target.

What happens to the funds if more is raised than what is needed?

If there are any funds leftover after medical treatment is provided to the animal, it will be directed back into the Animal Emergency Fund to help pay for treatment for the many other animals that need our help.