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RSPCA South Australia was shocked and appalled by the catastrophic injury suffered by a bull during a Professional Bull Riders Australia event held at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre on Saturday, December 9, 2017.

The bull, named Crime Scene, was euthanased as a result of this injury. Crime Scene’s death was unnecessary and completely avoidable.

We ask you to join us in calling on Adelaide Venue Management Corporation (which manages the Adelaide Entertainment Centre) to commit to never hosting an inhumane rodeo event like bull riding again. 

Staging such events at Adelaide’s iconic entertainment facility is inhumane, unethical and outdated, making Adelaide appear backward when compared with contemporary attitudes towards animals and their welfare.

The horrendous leg injury suffered by a bull during the December 9 event was avoidable and underscores why such forms of entertainment, which inflict completely unnecessary suffering on animals for the sole purpose of human entertainment, should be banned.

We want to be better than this in South Australia – as individuals and as a community. Join our call and demand Adelaide Venue Management Corporation commits to a ban.

On a state and national level, RSPCA is opposed to rodeos and rodeo schools because of the potential for significant injury, suffering or distress to the animals involved. For a full list of our concerns, please read our FAQ document: Why bull riding is no longer acceptable in South Australia.


*Warning: some viewers may find the following footage disturbing.*

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