Indi, the ‘thweetest’ little Maltese cross

November 24, 2016
Meet Indi, the ‘thweetest’ little Maltese cross. She’s very cute with a tongue that always hangs out. But sadly, that’s because she wasn’t cared for properly in her previous home.
Indi was seized earlier this year by one of our Inspectors. Her fur was filthy, clumped and matted. The few teeth she still had had severe dental disease. Worst of all, she had one of the worst ear infections RSPCA vets have seen, causing an overwhelming, repugnant smell. We can’t imagine the terrible pain Indi was in.
indi-before indi-afterIndi underwent significant vet treatment in RSPCA’s care, including surgeries for the removal of her remaining teeth and for her ear infection. A tumour was also discovered and removed in her infected ear.
She was taken into foster care by an RSPCA staff member, who continued Indi’s treatment, coaxing her take her oral medication and gently administering ear drops multiple times a day. Indi was clipped and bathed, and given loving TLC. Slowly but surely, over a few months, the ear infection healed. Indi never complained. She was such a sweet, gentle, brave girl.
Her previous owner was prosecuted by RSPCA South Australia and pleaded guilty to charges of neglect so as to cause harm. The magistrate ordered her to pay over $2,200 in costs and handed down a one year good behaviour bond. Indi’s owner wanted her back, but, thank goodness, the magistrate also ruled that Indi was forfeited into our care – meaning we were now free to permanently rehome Indi. 
 Indi made a full recovery, and is a content little dog. Her tongue often hangs out but it doesn’t bother her – it’s hard to keep in when you have no teeth!
Now that Indi is officially a member of her new family, she receives endless love, pats, cuddles and smooches. Indi adores her older brother Boston, and happily follows him around everywhere!
Indi’s outcome would not have been possible without the combined work and dedication of RSPCA South Australia Inspectors, prosecutors, vets, shelter staff and foster carers. We wish Indi all the best, and have no doubt that she has a joyous and loving life ahead in her new home.

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5 thoughts on “Indi, the ‘thweetest’ little Maltese cross”

  1. Val lewis

    Happy life indie thankyou to everyone who helped you and best wishes to. your familyi once rescued 2 little ‘malts’ who were my treasures for 9 and 10 years bless sweety xx

  2. Jennifer Page

    What a Wonderful story…what a precious little companion. THANKYOU RSPCA

  3. Wendy Warren

    How anyone can neglect an animal like that I’ll never know. I have had dogs for a number of hyears now and I get told I spoil them. If loving them like Indi’s new family does then lets keep spoiling them. Beautiful story my \Poppy is Chich x maltese and I love her bits. Lots of luck Indi xx

  4. Wayne Stevens

    Fantastic we lost our missymoo 1 year ago and our son lost his too love to get 2 females young as soon as possible at a good price Maltese x

    1. Hi Wayne,
      We are so sorry to hear about Missymoo passing, this is such sad news. Our pets really leave such an impact on our lives and little paw prints on our hearts. Thanks so much for considering the adoption option. All of our animals currently available for adoption are listed on our website, here: Please check back regularly, as new animals become available as soon as they clear our veterinary and behavioural checks. For more information about a specific animal, please feel free to call our Lonsdale shelter (open 10am to 4pm weekdays – but closed Tuesdays – and 10am to 2pm weekends) on 1300 4 777 22. Thank you!

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