Once in dire straits, this brave Maltese cross is now the perfect companion for his fur-ever mum

October 25, 2019

When Howie arrived at our shelter in August this year, the poor boy had a dreadful host of chronic health problems.

The Maltese cross’ left eye was bulging out at a painful and sickening angle, while a dreadful dental disease meant he’d need multiple teeth removed.

And that wasn’t all – his badly overgrown, filthy coat was so severely matted that it was soiled with faeces, leaving the 8-year-old in terrible discomfort.

But, thanks to generous donors, Howie received the urgent medical treatment he desperately needed, and we are now so excited to say he got the happy ending we hoped for (and even quicker than we imagined, too!)

Kind-hearted South Australians see Howie’s pain – and do what they can to make it better

With so many health problems, this tough little dog required multiple surgeries.

RSPCA’s skilled team of vets knew that the removal of Howie’s eye was their first priority and they worked hard to end his discomfort, carefully operating and stitching up the wound.

They then clipped and cleaned his coat, but unfortunately his treatment wasn’t over – and we asked for your help to cover the costs of his extensive surgery and rehabilitation.

We were absolutely touched.

Our vets wouldn’t give up on Howie, and it seems neither would you. Compassionate South Aussies donated an incredible $2,196 to help him recover.

Howie later underwent dental surgery where he had multiple teeth removed, and the amazing success of his major surgeries meant his new life was even closer than we could have imagined.

An ideal match for his new mum, affectionate little Howie finds his fur-ever home the very day after he’s put up for adoption!

There was always something special about Howie.

We were so happy, if not a little pleasantly surprised, that Howie found his forever home less than 24 hours after he was put up for adoption. It seems adopted owner Jill just knew he would be the perfect fit for her home.

“I am thrilled with Howie,” Jill says.

“He’s such a sweet boy and has such an affectionate nature. He’s not too big, I like his breed and I wanted an older dog.”

Settling in quickly, Howie “made himself right at home” and Jill says he absolutely loves his new bed and spending time with her outside.

It was meant to be.

‘Howie has made me very happy’

Howie may be missing one eye and a few teeth, but Jill tells us that doesn’t seem to bother the tough little guy at all, and she couldn’t be more pleased that she has him in her life.

“Thank you to everyone who donated to Howie’s recovery,” she says.

“After my previous dog passed away, I really missed her company. Howie has made me very happy.

“Thank you RSPCA for everything you do for animals in need.”

Thank you Jill, and thank you to all our supporters.

From the bottom of our hearts, we’re so grateful to all our supporters who made Howie’s new life with Jill a reality. If you’d like to continue helping animals just like Howie, head over here to see our current emergency appeals.

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