‘Loveable old soul’ Herman the bull terrier celebrates one-year adoptaversary

June 01, 2018

A bull terrier with loads of personality, Herman left behind a life of neglect when he was adopted by adoring owner Ronan one year ago.

This adorable video tells the story pretty well, but check out Ronan’s explanation of life with Herman for a few extra laughs!

‘I nearly broke speed limits getting to RSPCA to take him home’

“Herman was a surprise find. We called in at Easter 2017 just to have a look and Herman was an instant success. He was on hold in the time it took us to get permission from our landlord, but luckily for us, his introduction to the other dogs in that family wasn’t to be and I nearly broke some speed limits getting up to the Lonsdale shelter to take him home!

“Herman is a loveable old soul, shy at times to new things, and can get a bit overdone in the presence of other dogs – he got suspended from day care because he wanted to play ALL day long and wouldn’t give anyone a rest. So he is best on his own chilling out with us.

“Mind you, Herman took to force free training like a duck to water. Never underestimate a Bull Terrier who figures out cheese or kangaroo is at the end of a command!

‘He loves to cuddle and sings in his sleep’

“Chilling out is Herman’s number one priority. He loves to cuddle. He has never taken to toys. He once lifted a tug rope out of my hand, placed it in another room and came back to lie in my lap!

“In the evening when we come home, he stands between the kitchen and the couch turning his head between what we are doing and the sofa, almost willing us to sit down, so he can climb up onto my lap and fall asleep.

“He’s a silent communicator, but he sings in his sleep, twilling and grumbling at whatever is running through his doggy brain. And he has his own distinct language: he chuffs, huffs, grunts, signs, vocally yawns and nose bops to communicate his moods.

“He has many nicknames; Cuddle Monster, Stinky, Herman Dog, Shadow, Pig, The Hermanator, White Cyclone (when he sheds), Hermy boy, Old Boy, Clown and Handsome Devil.

Herman enjoying some much-loved cuddles.

‘People stop me in the supermarket to ask how Herman is’

“He is loveable, a heartbreaker, a good listener, a good shoulder to lean on, patient like you wouldn’t believe and a master at subtle humor.

“People stop me in the supermarket to ask me how he is, random people I have never met, who have spotted him out for a walk. I have had people stop their cars in the middle of the road and on the middle of roundabouts to get out and come say hello to him.

“Herman has skin issues and now that he is approaching seven years old, he is starting to show signs of being an old dog, but he is a joy to have around. He wants for nothing but a cuddle, even when its 36 degrees outside, and makes us laugh on a daily basis.

“And as you can see, I could talk about Herman all day long!”

Thanks so much, Ronan, for giving Herman the best life ever. If you’re considering opening your heart and home to a rescued animal, head over here to see all our animals currently available for adoption.

3 thoughts on “‘Loveable old soul’ Herman the bull terrier celebrates one-year adoptaversary”

  1. Janelle kent

    He is just gougoues, I am glad u guys took him in & are now showing him what showering him in love & care feels like, u are wonderful people & he is simply beautiful 😀 by the way, Herman is the perfect name for him, I just want to give him a big bone to chew on & a big hug❤️

  2. Margaret Surguy

    Hello Ronan,
    Having lived with dogs all my life (except now), I know what a joy they are. I also know the added happiness of knowing you’ve given an unloved animal a good home. Congratulations!

  3. Kerry Joseph

    Having had Bullies for over thirty years, and several rescue dogs of varying breeds, I commend you. A Bully, a rescue Bully no less-what a brave soul you are!!
    Seirously, Bull Terriers steal your heart and when they go, as our Esther has, they leave the biggest hole. You enjoy Herman because he deserves a guardian like you.

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