RSPCA hot weather warning after dog dies while tethered in Whyalla backyard

December 18, 2019

One dog has died and other animals are being found without any water or shade as people continue to ignore the extreme risks during the current heatwave.

The one year old dog died yesterday, tethered in a Whyalla backyard with no water and no shade. The temperature in Whyalla at the time was 34C with a forecast temperature of 42C. The dog’s body has been transferred to Adelaide for autopsy ahead of possible legal action.

RSPCA South Australia has just one inspector assigned to cover the Eyre Peninsula, and he has been so inundated with heat-related cruelty reports in the past 48 hours he has called upon local council officers to attend locations to check on animal welfare.

“Time is critical in these matters, and we do not have the resources to get to every callout as quickly as is needed when there is so much demand,” RSPCA South Australia Chief Inspector Andrea Lewis said.

“This is basic stuff that every person who owns an animal should know – they must have ample shelter from this heat and unlimited access to clean water or they could easily die.

“Ideally, pets should be indoors with air-conditioning on – but at the very least they must be able to shelter from the sun throughout the day and have plenty to drink.

“One of those big plastic clamshells costs just $15 – I encourage people to put one of them in a shady spot their animals can reach and keep it filled up with clean water.

“Or have multiple other containers filled with water that your animals cannot tip over.

“We do not want any more animals suffering and dying like this poor dog.”

Anyone with information in regards to either case is urged to contact RSPCA on our 24-hour hotline on 1300 4 777 22.

RSPCA is the only South Australian charity with legal power to investigate animal cruelty – but inspectors rely on the public to be their eyes and ears. That’s why RSPCA has again launched its Combat Cruelty campaign, which asks South Australians to take the pledge to combat cruelty.

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