Meet the two South Aussies sewing hundreds of warm coats for rescue dogs in need

June 18, 2018

We’re all suckers for a cute dog in a coat, right? Well, meet the two legendary women who are pioneering the doggie coat business for neglected and down-on-their-luck rescue dogs.

Sonia and Marjorie are the faces behind Vollies, a line of coats produced specifically for emaciated canines – and these two humble South Aussies are taking their operation national.

One little coat design now helps hundreds of rescue dogs nation-wide

As a long-time RSPCA South Australia foster carer and volunteer, Vollies founder Sonia drew up the pattern for the coats years ago. With no idea how big her small idea would get, Sonia and her seamstress friend Majorie have now produced more than 500 coats for dogs nationwide.

Dozens of RSPCA South Australia rescue dogs have benefited, and Sonia and Majorie have also shipped more than 50 coats to RSPCA Tasmania, too, with plans to supply RSPCA’s Melbourne and Canberra branches soon.

Sonia and Marjorie have handmade hundreds of coats for emaciated dogs.

The Vollies pattern veers away from the traditional dog coat and instead has adjustable ties, meaning all dogs fit snugly in their coats, regardless of their shape, size or weight.  The jackets are multi-purposed as dressing gowns for shelter dogs in winter and post-surgery robes for sore puppy patients.

Sonia explains: “The coats I make don’t use velcro, we use ties, so they are suitable for emaciated dogs who need a tighter fit.”

It all began with Hero, the injured and emaciated husky

The demand for Vollies coats began to snowball when, in late 2015, Hero the husky’s high-profile neglect case received international attention. A very underweight Hero came to RSPCA South Australia with a severe leg injury, possibly the result of being hit by a car, as well as an extreme case of mange and further skin infections.

“The shelter nurses measured Hero up and I ended up making three coats for him,” Sonia recalls.

Hero the rescued huksy wearing his handmade Vollies dog coat.

“The coats are great for dogs with skin infections as well, because they provide protection and stop dogs from scratching and further irritating their skin.”

One year later, Sonia enlisted the help of Majorie to keep up with the growing demand. The women have honed their craft and can now produce an entire coat in less than an hour.

“It takes about 35 minutes to cut the material and stitch it all together, but I usually make them in big batches,” Sonia says.

Donated towels and blankets crucial to coat-making operation

Initially made from Sonia’s own materials, Vollies coats are now made from towels and blankets donated to RSPCA South Australia’s Lonsdale shelter.

RSPCA Lonsdale vet assistant and shelter officer Michelle Anderson says: “The whole shelter now uses the Vollies and love them. We can’t imagine being without these coats.”

What inspires these lovely ladies to continue their tireless work? Their pure love of dogs. Sonia attributes her dedication to her life-long love of animals, with the project giving Majorie, a former seamstress, the sense of purpose she craved in retirement.

With their ever-expanding operation, Sonia and Majorie continue to give up their time and efforts to help give emaciated dogs and animals the gift of warmth and comfort. You can help by donating secondhand blankets and towels to RSPCA’s Lonsdale shelter – just drop them off at 25 Meyer Road, Lonsdale.

Can you spare time to help us save animals? It’s only with the support of kind-hearted volunteers that RSPCA South Australia can reach so many abandoned, neglected, sick and surrendered animals each year. Help us help them – apply to volunteer now.

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12 thoughts on “Meet the two South Aussies sewing hundreds of warm coats for rescue dogs in need”

  1. Anita Ellis

    Sonia is my beautiful sister and her big heart and love of animals is now to be seen by all. She has had a heartbreaking 9 months. It’s so lovely she receives the warmth from her kindness.

  2. Judy Hill

    I would love to make some dog coats for the RSPCA. Could I get a copy of your pattern? I can get blankets and towels etc, from my own sources.

  3. Margaret Duell

    I wonder if Sonja and Margorie would be willing to share their pattern so I could make coats for dogs of people living rough? It seems as though RSPCA has plenty of volunteers and I am sure there are homeless people who would appreciate some comfort for their mate this cold weather.

  4. Marie Petrou

    I would love to help out and make some of these dog blankets. Please let me know if you need any help and how to get the pattern and get involved. looking forward to it.


    I would like the pattern for the dog coats for my mum please.

  6. Colleen

    Brilliant! I make a few mats for the Lions Hearing Dogs each year, and I would also love to make some of these coats for dogs in shelters and post-surgery. Please email me the pattern.

  7. Allana

    I would love to have the pattern to make some coats please

  8. Vaniece

    Love your work. In the story in the local paper, it said the pattern had been uploaded to the website, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Is it going to be shared please?


    I saw the article in the local paper too. Can you please email me the pattern for the dressing gowns so I can see if I can make them and then may be able to help out with the project.

  10. Linda Longster

    I would love the pattern for the coats if possible. Thank you.

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