6 fun ways to get your school or university involved in fundraising

February 27, 2019

Fundraising is not only a great way to raise some money for a cause that is near and dear to your heart, but can also bring your community together to do something new.

Here are our top six fun and unique ways you can get your school or university involved in raising crucial funds to help RSPCA save more vulnerable animals across South Australia.

1. Organise an Easter egg hunt

With Easter coming up, right now’s the perfect time to organise an Easter egg hunt with your mates. Hide a copious amount of choccy eggs all around your school or university and take a small donation for those who would like to participate. Those who want to compete can participate individually or in a team and the individual or team that collects the most eggs could win a prize to enjoy along with all the chocolate they collect.

2. Host a knitting club

Join forces with your friends and channel your inner nana by starting a knitting club. Supply the needles and yarn, while those interested can bring along a small donation if they would like to join. With the cooler months coming up, you could even knit your fur-child a nice woolly jumper.

3. Hold a pyjama day

Encourage your fellow students, teachers, and lecturers to come to class in their favourite bedwear in exchange for a small donation. You could even have a competition for the most comfy or silliest looking pair of pyjamas.

4. Supply care packages

Ideal for exam periods, put together a small care package containing the items that often get students through exams. Items the packages could possibly include are: chocolate, a mug, teabags, highlighters, pens, lollies, a notepad and or a stress ball. Friends and family could purchase them for a loved one struggling with exam woes, helping to raise money for animals in need at the same time.

5. Organise a pizza-making workshop

Ideal for all ages, as who doesn’t love pizza?! You and your friends could run a pizza-making workshop for those who want to channel their inner Jamie Oliver. Those who participate can request any toppings they desire (even pineapple!) or you can get creative and make dessert pizzas. Think of all the Nutella … Mama Mia!

6. Do a recycling drive

Raise some money for a good cause while doing your part to help the environment. Rally your friends together to collect all the empty cans and bottles you can find in your local area. You can then take them to your local recycling station for a cash refund.

If you’re ready to make a difference in your local community and like our ideas, or have your own unique fundrasing plan to help RSPCA help animals in need, head here to learn more about community fundraising.

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