Free dog training: teaching your pup to sit and drop

April 09, 2019

Been considering force-free training for your pup, but aren’t yet sold on the idea of committing to a training school?

RSPCA South Australia may have answered all your canine prayers with the launch of our brand new force-free dog training school right here in Adelaide, but first – we have a special insight into the tips and tricks of our dog trainers.

With our FREE 6-part video series featuring RSPCA Dog Training Coordinator, Heather Bradley, you can have a taste of what it’s all about!

“It’s so important to build a strong and trusting relationship with your dog early on. Training isn’t just about getting your dog to do what you want. It should always be about having fun and increasing the bond between you both. We want to show you how to be a real friend and mentor to your dog – how you can help them feel safe and comfortable when they’re worried,” Heather says.

“By taking the time to understand them you will end up with a great companion to share your life with.”

In lesson one of our video series, Heather shows you how to do just that.

To learn how to teach desired calm behaviours super quickly, watch Heather’s totally simple and fun way of teaching the classic sit and drop!

Pretty cool, huh?

But Heather knows it’s not this easy for everyone. “When teaching anything to your dog, you need to ensure you’re not putting them in a vulnerable position,” she says. “Just like us, dogs aren’t able to stay still or focus if they feel worked up.”

If you find that your dog can’t focus when you’re trying to teach them to sit and drop, especially in a new location, Heather assures us that there’s always a reason.

She recommends making sure your pup is in the least-distracting environment possible and checking that the treats you’re using are more exciting than whatever else is around them.

“Always check that they’re happy to learn,” she says. “It’s all about having trust and focus.”

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Once you’ve nailed the sit and drop, 5 more lessons await! In the rest of Heather’s easy-to-follow video series, she’ll show you how to teach your pup to touch, walk on a loose lead, come, wait and other super cool tricks.

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We hope you find the videos and tips useful and have a ton of fun training and bonding with your four-legged friend. Ready for the real thing? See our RSPCA South Australia Dog Training programs currently on offer here.

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One thought on “Free dog training: teaching your pup to sit and drop”

  1. Leah Eitzen

    Does Heather have any tips on training a deaf dog? We are using hand signals but his attention span is shocking – we can’t even get the ‘look’ command to get him focussed. Sit we have almost perfected – sometimes the butt touches the floor and is right back up again, he kinda knows wait – again, will stop for a split second but as soon as your finger goes down or he thinks you’re taking too long….. (‘He’ is a 23month old double merle border collie)

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