Meet our first adoption of 2019: Cisco, the deaf cat with no nose

March 04, 2019

Cisco is a beautiful special needs boy who was given a second chance at life on the very first day of 2019. What a way to bring in the New Year!

Surrendered to our Lonsdale shelter in late 2018, Cisco was completely deaf and also suffering severe sunburn on his nose. Being a white cat, extreme sunburn can be fatal – you can learn more about the dangers of sunburn and what to do to protect white animals here.

Quick action was needed, so RSPCA veterinarian Gayle surgically removed Cisco’s nose as a preventative measure. But that certainly didn’t dampen his spirits, Gayle says. “Cisco was an awesome cat. Super smoochy, making an excellent patient.”

Cisco the special needs cat

A new beginning for Cisco

Cisco’s new owner, Annie, spent the first day of the New Year visiting our Lonsdale shelter to find a new feline friend.

Seven-year-old Cisco immediately walked up to Annie as she walked past his pen, establishing a connection straight away. “I never would have expected to adopt a cat with special needs, but Cisco has brought so much joy and laughter to the house,” Annie says.

Cisco the special needs cat

“He has showed us that every cat is worth getting to know and has their own unique qualities.”

A perfect forever home for this very special cat

Annie says Cisco has settled in perfectly with her family. “We make sure to stomp our feet because of his deafness when we come up behind him,” Annie says. “This ensures he won’t get scared when we come up to give him a cuddle, as he can feel the ground vibrations.”

Cisco the special needs cat

Being both deaf and white, Cisco is an indoor cat. He loves sleeping all day, while his favourite past-times include eating fish and following everyone around the house – including guests when they use the bathroom!

Annie says he’s also very proud when he uses his litter box, and gets the zoomies once he has finished his business. “Cisco zooms at full speed to show he is proud of his work,” Annie says.

Cisco in his new home

We are so happy Cisco found a beautiful and loving home with Annie and her family. If you’re considering opening your heart and home to a rescued animal, head over here to see all our animals currently available for adoption.


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