Finalised prosecution for emaciated dogs

November 28, 2016

A couple who failed to feed their three dogs until one starved to death were convicted last week in Elizabeth Magistrates Court of animal cruelty charges and banned from owning any animals.

In August 2015, the defendants brought a deceased dog to the Animal Welfare League for cremation.  The body of the poor boy was in an extremely emaciated condition and a report was made by staff to RSPCA South Australia. Inspectors attended the property of the dog’s owners to investigate, and found two more emaciated dogs living in the backyard, which were seized by our Inspectors.

In court last week, RSPCA’s prosecutor asked the magistrate to hand down a sentence of imprisonment for such a heinous act. The defendants were convicted of three charges under the Animal Welfare Act, including an aggravated cruelty charge. As well as a ban on owning animals, they were ordered to pay over $3,400 in costs. The magistrate also handed down a 14 week jail sentence, but it was suspended with a three year good behaviour bond.

One of the dogs rescued from the property, Possum, was able to be successfully rehabilitated and after many months of care he was adopted into a loving home.

Thanks to the AWL’s assistance in bringing this to the attention of RSPCA Inspectors, Possum’s life was saved and these cruelty offenders have thankfully been banned from owning pets and inflicting more suffering on the lives of innocent animals.

If you ever witness an act of suspected animal cruelty or neglect call, RSPCA South Australia’ 24-hour animal cruelty report line on 1300 4 777 22.

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One thought on “Finalised prosecution for emaciated dogs”

  1. Pauline

    Punishment for these nasrty, evil, cruel people not nearly harsh enough, there is no excuse for the way these poor defencles dogs were treated. $10,000 per dog + costs + 1year per dog without parole, & photos put on their cell walls & never ever to own any other pet ever again if they are caught with even an ant farm then they go back to prison for 10 years is closer to suitable punishment.

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