Help us purchase the items we currently need most

We’re currently running low on a number of items – and we’d love your support to stock up so we can continue to help the more than 8,000 animals who come into our care each year.

We’ve put the items we need most right now on the wish list below. You may choose to donate funds to help purchase an item, or donate the goods directly to our Lonsdale, Port Lincoln or Whyalla shelters, our Stepney head office or our Adelaide op shops.

We also gratefully accept good-quality secondhand items – see the full list of what we can and can’t accept for our shelters and for our op shops.

Items for dogs

Dog collarsespecially clip collars, rather than buckle collars

Dog enrichment toys, especially sturdy Kong toys

Items for cats

Items for small animals

Rodent cages to house baby rats

Cage accessories, such as water bottles

Items for our shelter vet clinics

Snugglesafe heat pads, for keeping animals warm and cosy after anesthesia and surgery.

Dental treats for cats and dogs – our vets especially love Greenies and Dentastix.

Items for our volunteer foster carers

Baby wipes (any brand is fine), used to help orphaned kittens go to the toilet. Sometimes carers can go through a pack a day!

Fleece blankets

Fleece baby blankets, which dry much quicker than towels making them handy as kitten bedding.

Comforting heart beat simulators, which calm orphaned kittens and help them to feel safe.

Wombaroo cat milk

Wombaroo Cat Milk Replacer Formula, which is nutritionally balanced for orphaned kittens or when mums have trouble producing milk.

Items for our inspectors and rescue officers

Small Den Carriers for our inspectors and rescue officers to use while responding to cruelty cases and animal emergencies with wildlife or timid animals.

Care-Eze Portable Carriers for our inspectors to use while responding to cruelty cases.

Other items for our shelters

Medium and large garbage bags

Washing powder for cleaning animal bedding

Reams of A4 copy paper

Cooling misting system kits, which are placed in our kennels and pens to help keep animals cool on hot days

Washing machines used by our shelter staff for cleaning animal bedding

Clothes dryers used by our shelter staff for drying animal bedding

Philips Incandescent 240V PAR38 heat lamps to keep our shelter animals warm on cold days

Large janitor carts, used by our shelter staff when cleaning animal pens

Medium-sized janitor carts, used by our shelter staff when cleaning animal pens

Involved with a business and want to help animals?

We’re often in need of services such as gardening, fencing, construction, plumbing and carpentry. Please contact us if you have items or services you might be willing to provide.

We also gratefully welcome corporate partners keen to help animals via fundraising, workplace giving, donation boxes and more. By partnering with RSPCA South Australia, you can play a direct role in improving animal welfare across our state, while also uniting your staff, boosting your business and saving on tax.

RSPCA South Australia