5 easy steps to a DIY gift Mum will love (and that helps animals in need)

May 03, 2018

Looking for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, your best friend or for any animal lover, for that matter? Something a little crafty to express your creativity, with heart to show that you care, long-lasting like your affection, but also affordable and sustainable?

We’ve got it sorted for you! Try this super cute DIY plant gift idea, even if you are a beginner green thumb. These plants make wonderful and thoughtful gifts, which will be enjoyed for months or even years – and you’re sure to get extra brownie points for choosing a present that directly helps animals in need.

1. Find a plant at RSPCA’s op shops (yes, they’re not only for fashion)

Everyone loves a plant! Our RSPCA South Australia op shops often have colourful and low fuss off-cuts grown lovingly by our volunteers.

Succulents are particularly popular and make a great choice for beginner gardeners. They’re also low maintenance as they need little water, and most of are pet friendly. Though be warned that a number of plants are poisonous to pets, so it’s important to first check the safety of any plants before they get access to them.

2. Pick a treasure for a meaningful gift

While you’re in the RSPCA op shops, choose a container for your plant – our op shops have lots of lovely homewares at ridiculously low prices.

Modern and stylish or colourful and quirky, pick a style that says something about you or the person you’re buying for. For example, you could reinvent a cute mug or a teapot into a mini planter. Or choose a vintage dish or a larger basket that you can decorate and upcycle into a funky pot.

Let yourself be inspired, but if you can’t make up your mind, ask one of our friendly RSPCA op shop volunteers to help you choose.

3. Get your hands dirty

It’s fun and easy, kids can help too! Fill your pot three-quarters full with potting mix, blend with a layer of gravel, (succulents, in particular, like well-drained soil) then simply push your cutting into it.

Water well once to let the soil set – you’re done!

4. Show a lil love

It’s time to add your final touch to your DIY project: maybe some string or ribbon around the pot, and a lil love note too?

Be creative and let your loved one know exactly why you think they’re so special. 

5. Give your gift and watch the smiles light up

You can now present your pretty, handmade gift to your loved one (… or keep it to yourself, hum).

Let them know that you put some thought into it and that this crafty, clever and beautiful gift will give again: every time you purchase something pre-loved from our RSPCA op shops, you’re directly helping save the lives of vulnerable animals.

A $5 purchase at our RSPCA op shops is enough to give one animal in need three nights of warmth and care at our shelters. Now that’s a gift that makes a difference! Ready to shop? Head over here to see all our locations in South Australia.

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