Diesel the Dalmatian

August 12, 2016

“We were fortunate enough to welcome Diesel the Dalmatian, (formerly Jax), into our home just over 2 years ago. At the time he was one year old and what a cheeky character he has turned out to be!

He is a lover of cuddles, a ball chaser (but not a ball returner!), loves to lie in the sun – but hates the rain, an average guard dog but always a loyal friend. He’s a tissue thief and a treat hunter, he is handsome, silly and loves playing dress ups, he loves any toy that squeaks, he loves his beanbag (or your beanbag), he thinks the bed is his and he likes to lay close to you (very close)! He loves his dog mates at the park and all the kids at school who always want to pat him.

Most of all he is a calming raft in our busy, chaotic family. He is the one we all turn to when we just need a hug or someone to listen to us. He is the one that never fails to make us smile and laugh. It is hard to remember life before Diesel – how lucky are we that he wanted to live with us – it was love at first sight for all of us!

Thank you for all the work you do – and thank you for caring for Diesel so he could come to us.”

  • Diesel’s fur parents

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One thought on “Diesel the Dalmatian”

  1. Jorjahna Farmer

    I would die to have a dog like diesel! He sounds like he has a very similar personality to my grandparents dog Wesley, a golden retriever (don’t fall for the breed name…..he is completely white and never returns a ball unless there’s a treat waiting..) 🙂

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