Our hot tips for keeping the cold at bay for your pets this winter

June 19, 2019

With winter well and truly making its presence known, you and your beloved fur friends might already be feeling the chill.

Lucky for you, we have all the hot tips on keeping your animals warm, cosy and happy during the colder months of the year.

Bedding, blankets and plenty of shelter

As you might have guessed, adding a few extra fluffy blankets or getting a cuddly bed for your little guys to snuggle down into is a great way to keep them cosy.

Adding pillows or old towels to the bottom of their beds will not only cushion their beautiful bottoms but give them an extra layer of protection against ground chill.

If your pet sleeps outside, ensuring they are protected from the elements is the best way to go. Animals need adequate shelter from the rain and warmth from the frost. It’s also a good idea to consider bringing their beds inside during cold snaps.

But please avoid using hot water bottles or electric blankets to keep your woofers warm in bed. Some playful pups may be tempted to chew wires or the bottle, causing them a great deal of harm.

Warm fur and fashion accessories

Keeping your animal’s fur a little longer during the chilly months is an easy way to keep them a touch warmer. If your pet’s hair is prone to matting or knots, ensure you brush regularly to prevent build up and skin irritations.

If your dog likes keeping active and getting out in the winter months, you may want to consider getting them some socks. Yes, you heard right! But do be aware that, while for some dogs socks might help keep the cold at bay, others may experience distress or discomfort – watch your dog’s body language and act accordingly.

Coats are a great winter warmer for any critters who feel the cold. Getting the size and fit is important as a poorly fitting coat may stop an animal from walking properly, seeing clearly or even using the bathroom.

It’s important to remember not to push your animal into wearing anything that may upset them and only use socks or coats if your furry friend is happy to wear them.

Heaters and fires

One key safety precaution to keep in mind is to stop your fur critter from sitting too close to a fire or heat source.

Animals can get too comfortable, fall asleep, burn their skin or damage their fur – so keep an eye on your furry friend and move them if necessary.

Keeping your animals warm and happy this winter really is as easy as dog socks.  Load up on blankets, pillows, cuddles and coats and your fluffer will love you forever more! Want more tips on animal care? Head to RSPCA’s Knowledgebase.


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5 thoughts on “Our hot tips for keeping the cold at bay for your pets this winter”

  1. Anna

    how should we let our pets get better heat.

  2. Mel

    We worry about our bunny! He gets stressed if we lock him inside at night so he stays out with lots of shelter and ground covers (incl hay) but is it too cold for him?! He seems happy enough in the mornings but a dread what could happen if he gets too cold!
    Thanks in advance for some advice.
    PS. Heated wheat packs are no good because he’ll chew right through it!

  3. Sonia Ackhursr

    Great advice – my boy is always wrapped up in hid red blanket and firmly tucked in.

  4. Julie Klose

    Do you have any advice for pet bedding that is not chewable? Everything we give our dog ends up in tiny pieces?

    1. Hi Julie, dogs can chew when they are stressed or understimulated. A combination of exercise and access to chew toys may help prevent your dog from chewing on his bedding. Investing in a Kong toy, stuffed with dog treats should keep them preoccupied.

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