‘He chose me’: how a tiny ginger kitten named Charlie picked his perfect owner

March 25, 2019

Eight years ago, a heavily pregnant cat named Rosie was found abandoned by a member of the public and taken to our Lonsdale shelter.

What followed was the birth of six beautiful kittens, and an unbreakable bond between one of those ginger babies and a kind-hearted teenage girl named Amber.

Charlie as a kitten

Birthday pressie for Amber as Charlie chooses her

Twelve-year-old Amber followed Rosie and her kittens journey closely on RSPCA’s Facebook page, hoping to adopt one of Rosie’s little black and white bubs.

On her thirteenth birthday, Amber visited our shelter with her mum and sisters, and watched as the six kittens chased one another in the play pen.

But in one of those moments where an animal chooses you, little Charlie the ginger stopped playing with his siblings and walked over to Amber.


‘I instantly knew Charlie was the one’

“As soon as I picked him up, Charlie curled into my chest and started purring. My mum and sisters looked at me and instantly we knew he was ‘the one’,” Amber recalls.

After this moment, Amber adopted Charlie – and they have not left each others’ side since.

Charlie and Amber

Charlie has spent the past eight years living with Amber and her family. His favourite pastimes include receiving cuddles, playing, and napping on Amber’s bed.

A best friend through life’s ups and downs

Amber agrees that having a pet has helped her through her own struggles.

Charlie and Amber together

“Charlie has followed my journey through my teenage years – through the good and bad. He is my best friend,” she says.

“I’m glad we went to the RSPCA on that day, as I can’t imagine my life without him.”

Charlie and Amber now

If you’re considering opening your heart and home to a rescued animal, head over here to see all our animals currently available for adoption.

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