South Australia’s 8 most impressive animal rescues of 2018

January 15, 2019

Every year, our dedicated team of rescue officers at RSPCA South Australia save animals from an absolute array of predicaments. You wouldn’t believe some of the pickles our furry friends have found themselves in, but lucky for them – our team is here to help!

In reflection on the year that was, we’ve put together our rescue officers’ top 8 rescues of 2018 – all with happy endings, of course!

1. Unexpected twist in bomb scare at Adelaide Airport

This abandoned bunny caused quite a scare when left in a pink Lorna Jane bag in the Adelaide Airport toilets in June 2018. Boeing the bunny (as we simply had to name him) made headlines when police were called to investigate the suspicious bag – only to find a timid rabbit inside! After being cared for at RSPCA South Australia, Boeing was soon adopted and is now loving life at his forever home in Encounter Bay.

2. How did this cat get there?

Cheeto the cat had been missing for three weeks when he had a lucky escape from an unlikely hang-out. Rescue Officers Dave and Soraya rushed to free the ginger tabby from his enclosure behind a kitchen exhaust hood in December 2018, yet his whereabouts for the majority of his time away from home still remains a mystery. The best part? He was returned to his twin owners on their 22nd birthday!

3. Burnt cat’s brush with death

Elvie is a brave soul who was found bruised and burnt in the carpark of Adelaide Convention Centre in March 2018 – and lived for her tail to be told! The white cat was in such dreadful condition that Rescue Officer Nalika predicted she had likely climbed into a warm car engine and fallen asleep before escaping. Months later, the beautiful kitty has well and truly recovered and enjoys being spoiled in her forever home. She’s now an official RSPCA Furbassador; follow her gorgeous adventures on Instagram!

4. Speedy kitten keeps rescuers on the run

This little kitty seemed determined to end Rescue Officer Nalika’s 2018 with a bang. The spirited feline kept Nalika and a team of four other rescuers on their toes as he lead them on a chase through the Adelaide Airport carpark in December, until one rescuer finally managed to extricate him from under a car engine bay. Remaining unscathed by his ordeal, the lucky cat was adopted by the airport’s Customer Care Team Leader Darren.

It certainly seems like Adelaide Airport and carparks seem to be favourites for animals to find themselves in sticky situations!

5. Baa-dly overgrown coat

This stray sheep was in dire need of a trim when spotted wandering around a reservoir in August 2018. Having likely not been shorn in over five years, the mammoth animal was a full 32 kilograms lighter after his haircut! Thanks to his rescue, Woolly was quickly welcomed into a forever home with RSPCA South Australia foster carer Luke, who helped nurse him back to health.

6. Wild storm plunges tiny kitten into drain

Adelaide’s enormous storm in November 2018 led to this poor kitten ending up trapped in a drain. Scared and alone, his situation turned around when Rescue Officer Brigitte heard his cries and came to his aid. The little bub was given a nice warm bath and dinner, and was fostered until being welcomed into his forever home.

7. Oily possum freed from heater

Possum rescue 2018

Owners of a Bridgewater property knew something wasn’t right when they heard faint cries coming from an old oil heater in their hallway in November 2018. When Rescue Officer Dave was called for help, he dismantled the heater to find a scared – and very oily – possum trapped inside! After being cleaned and cared for at the vet, this adventurous creature could enjoy freedom once more when released back into the wild.

8. Elusive peacock finally rescued after weeks as an outlaw

This cheeky peacock did his best to outsmart our rescue officers for weeks! Reported as a stray to RSPCA in mid-June last year, Rescue Officer Soraya was first on the scene at Elizabeth Park, only to find the peacock had disappeared. Over the next few weeks, our officers made multiple attempts to catch the elusive bird, but with no success. Rescue officers Soraya and Dave’s joint effort finally saw the bird rescued, and adopted from our Lonsdale shelter only a week later.


We couldn’t be prouder of the amazing work of our committed RSPCA South Australia rescue team, who work tirelessly year-round to ensure the safety and welfare of animals in need. Our rescue officers are funded entirely by community donations, so to all our supporters: thank you for helping us help animals.

If you notice an animal in distress, please don’t hesitate to contact our rescue team by calling 1300 4 777 22. Who knows, your rescue story might just appear on this list next year.


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One thought on “South Australia’s 8 most impressive animal rescues of 2018”

  1. Sonia Ackhurst

    RSPCA do incredible and outstanding work – can’t find the words I fee for you wonderful people. The animals need you = you are their voice. God bless all of you.

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