New RSPCA ambassadors: Hamish Hartlett and Amelia Mulcahy kick goals for kindness

December 01, 2018

A shared goal to make a difference in the lives of animals in need has brought Port Adelaide footballer Hamish Hartlett and Channel Seven personality Amelia Mulcahy together as RSPCA South Australia’s new ambassadors.

Hamish’s commitment to helping animals in need

According to Hamish, who has played AFL football for Port Adelaide for the past ten years, the role of RSPCA SA Ambassador sits well with his lifetime love of animals.

“My family and I have always had pets in our homes so I think that’s where my love of animals comes from,” Hamish said.

“I’ve grown up with dogs of all shapes and sizes my entire life, and now have a very energetic and sociable puppy called Lenny.”

“I’m hoping that by becoming an ambassador for RSPCA SA, I can make people more aware of the responsibilities associated with looking after an animal the right way, and give more opportunities for animals who have suffered neglect to find a good home.”

Amelia Mulchay’s love for animals great and small

Amelia’s love of animals also began in childhood, and she and her husband Matt share their home with three-year-old British Bulldog Barkley.

Amelia is Channel Seven Adelaide’s weather presenter and hosts ‘Pet of the Week’, a segment on Today Tonight that promotes RSPCA animals in need of new homes.

“I’ve honestly fallen in love with every single one of them,” Amelia said.

“And I love learning all about the great work that RSPCA SA does along the way.”

Amelia has volunteered her time for many RSPCA causes including emceeing RSPCA SA’s main fundraising event, Million Paws Walk, for the past two years and being the Society’s Cupcake Day Ambassador earlier this year.

She hopes to use her ambassadorship to help people understand RSPCA South Australia does much more than manage animal shelters.

“I wish our society didn’t have a need for RSPCA’s Inspectorate but sadly we do, and their inspectors see some shocking cases.

“These cases then go to court, and RSPCA SA gives a voice to these animals.

“I want more people to understand and support RSPCA SA so it can continue to fulfil all its roles, including this vital work rescuing animals and enforcing our State’s animal welfare laws.”

Ambassadors joining Hamish and Amelia

Joining Hamish and Amelia in RSPCA South Australia’s ambassador line-up are:

Ryan Anderson – RSPCA SA Inspector and Aussie Dog Guy, Ryan’s mission is to have a positive impact on the lives of neglected and homeless dogs.

Jessie Spiby – Owner of My Grandma Ben and RSPCA SA rescue dog Dave, Jessie supports people to live sustainable lifestyles including humane food choices that follow the seasons.

Kristen Sheffield – A longtime supporter of RSPCA, raising funds as a child for RSPCA South Africa (her home town), this dedicated foodie is keen to help promote RSPCA’s Choose Wisely humane food campaign.

Our influential RSPCA Ambassadors (and their furry counterparts, known as Furbassadors!) volunteer their time to help spread our message and create a world free of animal cruelty. Meet them all here.

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