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Alleged kangaroo killers on Snapchat

August 18, 2016

WARNING: Graphic Content which shows ‘screenshots’ of the Snapchat video, where a group of young males allegedly ran down a kangaroo and then stabbed it with a knife and burned it with a cigarette.

The following statement is attributable to Ms Andrea Lewis, Chief Inspector, RSPCA South Australia:

“RSPCA South Australia is calling for information regarding a serious cruelty allegation involving a kangaroo that was hit by a vehicle and then tortured on the evening of Friday, June 10th, 2016.

“It is alleged that the animal was run down by a vehicle and then stabbed with a knife and burned with a cigarette while still alive, by a group of young males.

“It is also alleged that the males stomped on the kangaroo’s head until it came off.

“This horrific act of cruelty was allegedly captured on video and posted to the ‘Snapchat’ social media platform on the 10th of June.

“A 17-year-old from the southern suburbs has been interviewed in relation to the ongoing investigation, and RSPCA Inspectors are seeking additional information to assist their investigation.

“Anyone who witnessed the incident, has viewed the video or has copies or screenshots of the video, or has any additional information, is asked to contact the RSPCA South Australia’s 24-hour cruelty hotline on 1300 4 777 22.

“Under the Animal Welfare Act penalties for aggravated animal cruelty are up to four years imprisonment or a fine of up to $50,000.”

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