At RSPCA South Australia, we always look to match the right animal with the right owner. We offer personalised advice at our animal shelters about what animal best suits a person’s lifestyle and personality.

Prior to adoption, prospective owners need to spend at least 30 minutes at the shelter with the animal in one of our dedicated ‘meet and greet’ spaces. We also strongly encourage prospective owners to bring their other animals and family members to the shelter, so they can ensure a happy adoption outcome for the entire family.

The adoption process doesn’t end once an animal leaves one of our shelters. RSPCA South Australia staff will provide advice to new owners on general pet care including dietary requirements, and will also be available for further advice in the days, weeks and months following adoption, as the animal settles into their new home.

For further information, or to speak to our expert staff and volunteers about finding your new best friend, please call us on 1300 4 777 22 or visit one of our shelters.