A tribute to Emmy Lou – farewell to a one in a million dog

March 25, 2021

On the 17th of March, we were extremely saddened to have to say goodbye to one of the most beautiful and gentle dogs I have owned in Emmy Lou (Emm for short). 

On a day three years ago I was at the shelter and walked past her kennel at our Lonsdale shelter and I was immediately besotted with her. She was obese and panting in the summer heat and I knew at that moment I needed to take her home to join our family.

Her poor old legs were so sore and stiff, it was the saddest sight – my heart melted.

Emm lost an incredible 3.5 kilos

Over a period of months and a very strict diet, Emm lost a third of her body weight. It was an amazing transformation  – we could see her become active and happy.

She really felt at home at our farm. She walked among the giants (our other dogs) like she was as big as them. If they forgot their manners and stepped too close to her, she would politely remind them to watch out!

She loved to run around the property and dig for treats (chicken and peacock poo) in Cluckingham Palace. Emm was a dog who made the most out of her twilight years.

She was the boss of the house

For the three years she was with us, she was the boss of the house. She had a stately manner – like a grand old lady – and was loved by all our extended fur family.

Emm especially loved my partner Lisa, and would follow her everywhere like a shadow. I didn’t miss out on attention from her though; she waited at the gate for me to come home from work every day.

Even when it was dark out and I was running late she would be there patiently waiting.

                   (Photos by Ryan Jiannis more of his work

To always be remembered

Adopting a senior dog is such a great thing, they seem to know and appreciate what you have done for them, the only downside is that you don’t have them for long but it doesn’t diminish the impact they have on your lives.

The whole family will miss her but knowing we gave her the best retirement helps gives me peace.

Rest In Peace Emm. 

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