A love letter to Max

March 11, 2021

Nothing warms our hearts more than hearing back from a happy family and knowing that an animal who was once in our care is now settled into a new, loving forever home.

Max came into our care after being picked up in Whyalla as a stray. He quickly went into foster care as one of our special-needs boys, needing a little extra time and attention to get him ready to find a new home.

With a little extra TLC from Foster Carer Stephan, Max was ready to spread his wings and find a new loving family.

Dear RSPCA Lonsdale,

We thought you might like to see the fruits of your labour in the form of a happy dog we adopted from you four years ago.

You do great work and we thought it might be nice for you to see the happy life our dog Max has now thanks to your work, and especially the work of his foster carer.

Here are some pictures of him having fun over the last few years.

He loves his parents.

He still thinks he’s a lap dog despite his size.

He has his own bed but often prefers the couch.

And he’s been trained to behave at cafes.

Grateful to you for caring for Max till he came into our lives.


Hugo & Lauren X

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