5 ways to keep your dog entertained when they are home alone

June 09, 2017

There are plenty of ways to ensure that your dog is less likely to look for their own fun (such as chewing up your favourite pair of shoes) when they are home alone. It is important to ensure that your dog is getting enough physical exercise for their age and energy level. If not, your dog may be more prone to destructive behaviour or even to becoming overweight. The following ideas are all good ways to enrich the life of your home alone pooch:

  • Puzzle Toys – Interactive food toys like kongs and wobblers will provide your dog with a challenge and help to keep them mentally stimulated. Exercising your dog’s mind is just as important as ensuring they are getting enough physical exercise.
  • Calming Music – Studies have shown that certain music can have an effect on heart rate, brain waves and breathing. This can help to promote relaxation. Visit http://throughadogsear.com/icalmdog/ to find out more.
  • TV Time – Some dogs enjoy watching the television screen. For dogs that do not become overly excited or frustrated by this, it can be another interesting thing to add to their day.                      
  • Home Alone Toys – Some toys are especially good for entertainment when a dog is home alone, such as the Aussie Dog Home Alone toy or Ifetch Automatic Fetch Toy
  • Adopt Another Dog – Your dog may be dog social and would benefit from having a canine companion to share life with. It is important however that this is not used to try and fix any separation distress your dog has as it could do more harm than good. If your dog does not suffer from separation anxiety and would benefit from a friend, ensure the decision to adopt another dog is for both of you, not just for your dog. 2 dogs are twice the love but also twice the amount of work!

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