Over 10,000 signatures for RSPCA’s new Animal Care Campus

March 16, 2018

The community has shown its outstanding support for RSPCA South Australia’s vision for a new $20 million Animal Care Campus, with the 10,000 target on its petition already surpassed.

RSPCA South Australia launched a petition in February, calling for the community to put their name to the cause to show our State leaders that providing $5 million in funding for RSPCA’s vision to improve animal welfare is important to them.

RSPCA South Australia Chief Executive Officer, Paul Stevenson, is confident support for the project will continue to grow, with the aim of the new Animal Care Campus to decrease the rates of animal cruelty reports and animal suffering in this State.

“When the community comes together to support such an important cause, our State’s leaders will hopefully sit up and take note,” Mr Stevenson said.

“After tomorrow when our next Government is decided, RSPCA South Australia – and indeed the wider community – will be asking for Government support in making the Animal Care Campus vision a reality.”

RSPCA South Australia’s Lonsdale shelter is 40 years old and the most outdated RSPCA facility of any major State. A new Animal Care Campus at Glenthorne Farm would provide new care, education and training programs and facilities to prevent cruelty to animals.

“We plan to invest $15 million into this facility, from our own reserves and through community fundraising. We are seeking $5 million in funding support from the State Government – an investment with three-fold return for the new government,” Mr Stevenson said.

A rigorous search for possible sites across southern Adelaide has identified four hectares of land ideal for the project at Glenthorne Farm at O’Halloran Hill. RSPCA would require just 2% of Glenthorne Farm’s overall 208 hectares which was found to be suitable for the project because of its visibility and accessibility.

Mr Stevenson said feedback from community consultation and petition responses had shown RSPCA supporters and the broader community overwhelmingly support the not-for-profit’s Animal Care Campus vision.

For more information on RSPCA’s plans for their new Animal Care Campus, visit: www.rspcasa.org.au/newdirection

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