1000 cans for Kirby!

September 19, 2016
Kirby with RSPCA South Australia Inspector Emily
Kirby with RSPCA Inspector Emily

At just seven years old, Westbourne Park Primary School student and animal lover, Kirby, recently donated over 1,100 cans of dog and cat food, 8kg of dry food, lots of toys, blankets and beds to our Lonsdale shelter!

At the beginning of the year Kirby collected money from recycling cans and bottles. Kirby decided she wanted to donate some of the money to a charity, and her love of animals lead her to choose RSPCA South Australia.

“I chose the RSPCA because I am an animal lover. But then I decided to do more!”

Kirby realised that she wanted to do more for our shelter animals and set herself the goal of collecting 1,000 cans of dog and cat food. Her school joined in the action, donating almost 240 cans of pet food.

Kirby also spent hours at her local supermarkets.

“I had to make posters so people knew what I was doing. We had a table set up with our chairs and a trolley to put the cans in.”

While her parent’s living room was slowly taken over with the hundreds of donations they grew prouder and prouder for their caring daughter who raised well over her goal of 1,000 cans.

Thank you so much Kirby!




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2 thoughts on “1000 cans for Kirby!”

  1. Annette

    What a lovely story I hope that many other children are inspired by you as you have shown everyone that they can make a difference no matter how great or small

  2. Tony potter

    Please advise if there are locations receiving cat food donations. I live at st.marys.thanks.

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