10 reasons to shop at RSPCA South Australia’s Op Shops!

May 26, 2017
  1. It’s fun! Enjoy shopping on your own or with friends, or even with your pooch! (our dedicated volunteers will be delighted to look after them while you try things on).
  2. The best things in life are rescued! Rescue preloved items and your purchase will contribute to rescuing vulnerable animals. Over 10,000 of them are cared for by RSPCA every year. 
  3. You help make the world a better place. When you buy preloved products, you interrupt the landfill cycle and the unethical production cycle. Viva Sustainable Fashion!
  4. Save lots of money. Our prices are affordable for everyone. Students and seniors get even better deals on certain days.
  5. The thrill of the hunt (the only hunt we support). Oh, the feeling of finding something amazing for a bargain price!
  6. Vintage goals! Find a great vintage jacket or set of crystal glasses and embrace your own style.
  7. We support your local community. Our lovely volunteers build strong relationships and are offered valuable return to work experiences.
  8. We have something for everyone! Vintage thrifters and fashionistas, kiddos, collectors, bookworms, crafters – we’ve got you covered.
  9. Fill your home with amazing homewares that no-one else has and imagine the stories they could tell.
  10. Cowboy hat, anyone? No matter how fancy, we have your costume for your next themed party. Also, have an RSPCA Op Shop Kris Kringle – it’s affordable and so much fun!

Find out more about our Op Shops including locations and opening hours here

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8 thoughts on “10 reasons to shop at RSPCA South Australia’s Op Shops!”

  1. philippa Cooper

    Do you need books for your op shop at Marden?

  2. Selina

    I have a box or two of books but live out in the Clare Valley. Is there somewhere close or someone I can drop them to so they can get to a shop?

    1. Hi Selina, thanks for thinking of us. Unfortunately our closest donation drop-off locations are our op shops, headquarters and shelter in Adelaide. In case you’re ever down this way, you can find full details of all locations here: https://www.rspcasa.org.au/support/opshops/ Thank you!

  3. Tina

    We are moving house and have some spare furniture, books, dinner set, etc. Do you take such items? We are in Glenelg so I think our nearest shops are Brighton and Warradale. Thanks T

  4. Sharon

    I have a number of wool blankets I don’t use anymore. Can you use them at the shelter? They are still in reasonably good condition.

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