New laws proposed to stop puppy farms

The South Australian government have announced regulatory changes to help prevent puppy farms through amendments to the Dog and Cat Management Act and the introduction of standards for dog and cat breeders.

RSPCA South Australia welcomes these changes as they will help provide an assurance that puppies and kittens are bred under acceptable conditions. In addition, other changes will assist in improving the welfare of dogs and cats.

Major proposed changes:

  • Anyone who breeds dogs and cats for sale must register with the Dog and Cat Management Board or an approved organisation
  • All licensed breeders must comply with standards as prescribed in a proposed breeder code
  • All dogs and cats must be microchipped by a certain age, currently proposed to be three months
  • Council officers to have clearer and stronger powers to manage dog and cat issues
  • Increased penalties for people who allow their dog to wander or attack


Puppy Farms

Puppy farms exist in South Australia. Dogs are typically forced to live and breed in appalling conditions for the sake of profit. Mothers live in filthy pens surrounded by their own excrement. They are kept in dark sheds and denied basic veterinary care, even when their coats are matted, eyes are infected and teeth and gums diseased.

RSPCA South Australia doesn’t know how many of these facilities exist. We don’t know how many animals are suffering. Changes to legislation will help significantly in the fight against puppy farms.

If you have any information about puppy farms, please call RSPCA South Australia’s 24-hour cruelty hotline on 1300 4 777 22. Our Inspectors can’t investigate unless they know where to find these facilities.

Information on how you can purchase an animal responsibly

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Force-Free Dog Training Methods

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