Every day, RSPCA South Australia’s team of dedicated Rescue Officers saves injured and distressed animals.

During the 2013/2014 financial year we attended 2,656 ambulance call outs – a 18.6% increase on the previous year. From birds and rats to goats and koalas – no job is too big or small. Our dedicated Rescue Officers have plucked animals from hot cars, chimneys, drains, floods and freeways, to name a few.

Injured Pets

If you find an animal that is injured it is important to approach the animal carefully and place your own safety first.

Do not startle the animal and speak in a quiet tone. It may be necessary to move the animal to safety but be sure not to handle the animal until you have established the extent of the injury or until you are sure that your safety will not be compromised.

You do need to check if the animal has some form of identification. If they do, you need to check if their owner is available. RSPCA South Australia can only attend to the scene if the owner is not available.

Contact RSPCA South Australia on 1300 4 777 22 if the animal is not wearing identification, or if the owners are not available.

Natural Disasters and Emergencies

RSPCA South Australia is called upon to assist animals in need during times of emergency. This has included response to bushfires and floods to road accidents involving animals on a large scale. Read more about our response to the 2015 Sampson Flat Bushfires here.

Injured Wildlife

RSPCA South Australia works with a number of partner organisations to rescue and rehabilitate injured native wildlife.

Fauna Rescue SA
Fauna Rescue SA is a volunteer organisation who specialise in caring for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. For further information on what to do if you discover injured wildlife, or to contact a member of the organisation, visit Fauna Rescue SA’s website here.

Australian Marine Wildlife Research & Rescue Organisation (AMWRRO) is a dedicated marine wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organisation.They are the only organisation in South Australia licensed to rescue, rehabilitate and release all seals, all seabirds and all sea turtle species. They also work closely with other departments to rescue and release dolphin and whale species that are found entangled or beached.