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Injured and in pain, animals like Mistletoe need your help.

At nine weeks old, Mistletoe should have been scampering around – chewing toys and chasing shadows. But she wasn’t. She was in constant pain.

She couldn’t put any weight on her front right paw. You’d think her owners would have rushed her to the vet, but they didn’t. Mistletoe, a Staffy cross puppy, was put out in the backyard without food or water.

Mistletoe’s just lucky someone spotted her limping and called RSPCA South Australia.

A dislocated elbow. A badly broken leg. Mistletoe needed complex surgery and months of rehabilitation if she was ever going to walk without pain.

Sadly we’re rescuing more and more animals with severe injuries. We urgently need your support to raise $152,500 to help cover their medical costs.

Please give your gift now to help critically injured animals like Mistletoe.

Without surgery, Mistletoe’s injuries would have got worse – until it wasn’t possible to fix her leg. Crippling arthritis would have set in. This little puppy faced a lifetime of pain.

But gifts like yours mean Mistletoe is now recovering from her second major operation.

Jacky, an experienced RSPCA foster carer, has welcomed Mistletoe into her home and family, and she is giving her lots of loving care.

Animals like Mistletoe wouldn’t stand a chance without you.

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