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Please will you give a gift now to help us reach an animal like Zoe who is suffering, before it’s too late?

It was a warm, sunny day when Zoe – an eleven-year-old Maltese cross – was left in the back of her owner’s car. The doors were locked. The windows were closed. She didn’t have a drop of water.

Little Zoe might as well have been left in an oven.

Sadly, she wasn’t alone. She was with her owner’s other dog – her friend, Mirror.  And, at some point during that boiling, hot afternoon, Mirror died.

Zoe saw Mirror vomiting, convulsing and, finally, falling into a coma, before gasping for breath one last time.  And then she was gone – dying utterly needlessly in the back of a car – leaving Zoe to whimper and cry on her own.

Please will you help rescue animals like Zoe, before it’s too late?

You can make a lifesaving gift now, and ensure RSPCA South Australia Inspectors and Rescue Officers are on the roads across our state, equipped with everything they need to save lives.

Your help is needed because we have to raise $99,000  – ready for when the temperatures start to rise in a few weeks time. And the desperate calls for help start to come in.

Little Zoe did everything she could to escape. No one who was there will forget seeing the scratches on the inside of the car windows where she tried – again and again – to get out. But she didn’t stand a chance.

Zoe was being cooked alive. For five hours, her agony went on.

Then, a passer-by looked in and saw what was happening. The police and RSPCA South Australia were alerted and we raced to get there in time to save Zoe.

“The passer-by took matters into his own hands,” says RSPCA Inspector Shelly. “He broke the window to get Zoe out – otherwise it would have been too late. As I drove to the scene, I was talking to the police and instructed them to wrap Zoe in a cold, wet towel. I got there minutes later. I’ve never seen an animal in a state like Zoe was. She couldn’t even raise her head. She seemed dazed and lost.”

And she was still in desperate danger.  That is why RSPCA South Australia needs to be out on the roads answering calls like this.

Please will you give a gift now to help us reach an animal like Zoe who is suffering?

Thankfully, we were able to cool Zoe down and get her quickly to a vet. She slowly started to come back to life.

We cared for her while she recovered, but our work wasn’t done. We also needed to make sure her owner couldn’t harm her again – or any other animal. And now Zoe has the loving home she should always have had.

Give a gift now and you could help save an animal’s life.

Thank you.