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For animals like Sam and Bruno, every, single, minute, counts …

We must raise $186,000 before June 30 to help our Inspectors rescue an increasing number of animals like Sam and Bruno.

Sam and Bruno’s owners cared so little for them that they didn’t notice them getting thinner and thinner.

After the dogs’ sorry condition was reported to us by a member of the public, RSPCA Inspector, Cheryl, rushed to their home and found them in an appalling state…

I looked over the fence and clearly they were starving. The older of the two, Bruno, you could see every rib bone, his hips, his spine. His head was sunken in. He was in awful body condition. The other dog, Sam, was smaller and had a longer coat, but you could still see he was a skeleton underneath. I was so angry. The owners were working full-time. They had money. They had cars. They only lived ten minutes from the RSPCA shelter. They just didn’t care.”


Please don’t wait another minute. Make a lifesaving donation right away, and I promise your kindness will help us be there in time for the next little angel who needs our help.

Fortunately, Sam grew stronger from the very first feed we gave him. He responded amazingly to the dedication and commitment of the veterinary staff who nursed him back to health. And today, he’s living the dream of all rescue dogs, with a loving new owner called Mark…

The beach is right next door, and we have these beautiful ochre cliff tops where we go for a walk. Sam snuggles into me and we both just sit on the edge of the cliff gazing out over the sea, watching the sunset.”

What a beautiful picture. What a wonderful life. For Sam.

But tragically, his older brother Bruno didn’t make it. In fact, poor Bruno died within hours of being rescued. He was just too weak. Too damaged. Too far gone.

It’s heartbreaking to think he came so close to getting that same dream life as his brother, but not quite close enough.

Every. Single. Minute. Counts.

And that’s why we need good, caring, animal lovers like you. And right now.

Your gift could be the difference between life and death.

Please act now to save an animal from cruelty and harm.

Thank you so much.