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We invite you to join with RSPCA South Australia to help families and their pets escape domestic violence.

RSPCA South Australia regularly receives requests for emergency pet accommodation from people affected by domestic violence, mental health and homelessness. In the 2016 financial year, we received nearly 300 of these urgent requests. But due to a lack of physical capacity and resources, we were only able to accommodate around 50% of them.

In response to this urgent and critical need, RSPCA South Australia has developed the Safe Kennels Program.

The problem

RSPCA South Australia understands the complex challenges that women and families face when attempting to leave a domestic violence situation.

Many women may have nowhere to go. They may believe it is better for their children to stay in a familiar home. Many also fear the perpetrator will harm their beloved pet if they leave

Research shows that women with pets delayed seeking refuge from domestic violence in up to 85% of cases, for fear of their pets being harmed in their absence.

The solution

Enabling escape from unsafe domestic environments for more families and pets is the key.

RSPCA South Australia works with SA Police and community service agencies to provide support for families in crisis. Our Safe Kennels Program provides a haven for the pets of those living in domestic violence situations. This allows women and children to focus on their own safety, and seek safe and supportive accommodation.

The program also reduces the risk that the bond between these vulnerable people and their pets will be broken, at a time when it is needed most.

To learn more about the positive impact of the Safe Kennels Program, please click here or on the image below:

Safe Kennels Video

Our objectives

Our objective is to expand the capacity of the program, to ensure we can meet all requests we receive for Safe Kennels. It is also our objective to provide these pets with the best possible medical and behavioural care, during their time with us.

In addition, to facilitate and coordinate the many elements required to achieve optimum support for families with pets in crisis, there is an urgent need to continue the work of the Safe Kennels DV Project.

How you can help

RSPCA South Australia’s Safe Kennels Program is supported through the Premier’s Community Initiatives Fund and through the Government of South Australia’s Fund My Community initiative. Even with this valuable support, the program is putting significant strain on our resources.

We are looking for ways to provide this service to as many vulnerable people as possible. We can only currently commit to the informal provision of accommodation on an ’as available‘ basis. Currently, the program falls far short of the actual need in the community.

We need your financial support so we can continue to develop and expand the program to meet all requests we receive for Safe Kennels. We also want to expand this service so we can be there to support women and families in crisis situations to stay with their family pet and sustain that bond their children have with their furry friend.

Will you help us grow this unique program supporting people and animals in crisis?

Below is a pyramid of the number and value of gifts required from supporters to reach our $300,000 annual target, with the gifts already given highlighted in green.

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