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Our goal: $92,500
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One second…

One second is all it took to damage Missy’s spine, leaving her unable to walk.

One vicious kick. One cruel second.

But it took five hours of delicate surgery and months of rehabilitation to give her a second chance.

Please will you give another dog like Missy a second chance by making an online donation right away?

When Missy was discovered by one of our supporters – a caring donor like you – she was in a shocking condition.


As Terri, her veterinary nurse, told us…

“Missy wasn’t able to use her back legs, she was just sort of dragging them behind her on the ground. Two of her vertebrae had been shattered. She had grade four dental disease, and she was underweight because her mouth was so painful. I don’t think she would have lasted much longer to tell you the truth.”

After her surgery, Missy’s surgical team didn’t know whether she’d regain her ability to walk or not.

The only thing any of us knew for sure at that point, was that without the loving support RSPCA South Australia receives from kind animal lovers like you, we wouldn’t even have been able to give Missy the chance in the first place.

That’s because we’re seeing an increase in the number of animals like Missy who need life-saving and often complicated medical attention right now. And we urgently need to raise $92,500 by 10 March to fund their care and treatment.

The miraculous thing about Missy is that despite everything, one thing shone through. She just adored people. We could tell straight away that all she wanted in life was to love someone, and to be loved back.

And thanks to you, and other wonderful RSPCA South Australia supporters like you, she was given that chance.

Good people like you helped us to fund a painstaking five hour surgery to repair her shattered spine. And you helped us nurse her through five long months of rehabilitation and recovery too.

Most of all, you helped Missy to walk again. Given the terrible damage to her back, that’s an incredible achievement.

But sadly, there are so many more animals out there who need our help.

And they all need someone kind like you to give them a second chance.

Because of the growing number of animals being brought to us who need this kind of intense and complex surgical treatment, plus the long and expensive recovery and rehabilitation that follows, we now urgently need your help.

Please make an online donation right away – and give another animal like Missy the second chance she needs and deserves.