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UPDATE: RSPCA South Australia has now submitted an official request to Thoroughbred racing SA to review the 2-week penalty handed down in relation to the horse-punching incident that occurred at Port Lincoln on Wednesday, November 8, 2017. This written request was submitted along with over 3,400 petition signatures.

Click here to visit RSPCA South Australia’s Facebook page and watch a special message from our CEO Paul Stevenson as he delivered the petition to TRSA.

We are leaving the petition open, and you can still add your name as a symbolic show of support for the racehorses of South Australia. Together we can demand a higher welfare standard for these precious animals.

RSPCA South Australia is shocked and appalled by the horse-punching incident that occurred in Port Lincoln yesterday. We consider the two-week suspension handed down by Thoroughbred Racing SA Stewards to be grossly inadequate, and we are calling on the them to immediately review the penalty.

We are asking you to add your name to our call for a review into the penalty handed down by Thoroughbred Racing SA stewards.

This isn’t about the actions of one jockey, who has shown remorse for his actions. This is about TRSA not meeting the community’s expectations on this issue. When incidents of this nature happen, the community expects the penalties to be appropriate. This is TRSA’s responsibility.

Join our call for an immediate review into the token penalty handed down by TRSA stewards by adding your name and details to our petition.

On a state and national level, RSPCA continues to hold serious concerns about the broader welfare of horses involved in the racing industry, including the use of whips, high ‘wastage’ rates, and the continuation of the dangerous sport of jumps racing in South Australia and Victoria.

For more information on these issues, please click here to visit the RSPCA Australia website.