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Imagine yourself checking into a hotel. It looked nice enough from the outside. The staff seemed nice, and it was better than sleeping on the street. But things were a little different on the inside…

It was advertised as a one-bedroom room, but it was still a fair bit smaller than you’d hoped. You went to look for the bathroom, and realised it was in the same room as the bed. Worse still the toilet wouldn’t flush.


Room service was great, but there was nowhere to eat except right next to the toilet. This wasn’t going to be a fun holiday.

You had planned to get out and see the sights, but it wasn’t safe to roam around on your own. So you stayed in your little room, night after night, day after day. Worse still, the guest in the next room was sick, coughing and sneezing all over the place.

Any reasonable person wouldn’t put up with such poor conditions. You made plans to leave, but then you got sick yourself. As it turns out, the breeze in the corridor blew your neighbour’s flu germs right into your room. You needed medication, which you were given… in your room.

The staff did what they could, but there were no better rooms available. So you stayed there. Day after day. For two months.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if you didn’t have your kids with you. They got sick too. And were stuck in this tiny, cramped room with you. For two long months.

You wouldn’t put up with poor shoddy accommodation. I know I wouldn’t. But this is what the cats at our Lonsdale shelter are putting up with every day. Small, old, rusty cages are all we have to offer the cats in our care, and it’s simply not good enough.

This is why we need your help. We need to improve the lives of cats and kittens who need care at our shelter.

The cages we currently have are designed for short-term stays, like overnight visits to a vet clinic. Not longer-term shelter accommodation. They offer only one single space, where cats have to eat, sleep, go to the toilet and live day in and day out. Stacked close together with wire doors, they also radically increase the transmission of air-borne diseases like cat flu.


We have identified an Australian supplier of state-of-the-art cat condos in Queensland. These condos provide the necessary separation of sleeping, exercise and toileting areas. They’re sound insulated to reduce stress in our precious cats. Best of all, they have sophisticated air filtration systems for disease control.

Will you help us improve the lives of cats and kittens at our shelter. These changes come at a cost. A cost of $2,500 to be precise – for each condo. We need 64 condos, our cats need 64 cat lovers like you to help us make that change. 

Please give generously. Your generosity will improve the lives of the cats and kittens at our shelter. Thank you.