RSPCA South Australia is disappointed that the recent Greens motion to establish a Parliamentary Inquiry into the SA Greyhound Racing Industry did not receive enough support to pass the state’s Upper House.

We will not give up on calling for transparency from an industry which owes a duty of care to the greyhounds it profits from.

We are disappointed the majority of our State’s leaders have not listened to the thousands of people who have signed petitions, or contacted them directly in support of an inquiry.

It is clear they have not recognised the urgent need for full transparency from our greyhound racing industry.

Greyhound Racing SA has refused to publicly reveal the number of greyhounds bred, raced, retired, rehomed and killed in South Australia over the past five years.

They have provided no substantiation or detailed plans for their projected reductions in unnecessary dog deaths. There is no basis to believe their projections can be achieved in the absence of sufficient historical data and a detailed plan.

Greyhound Racing SA has also recently announced that they would welcome racing dogs from interstate, particularly from NSW. To date they have provided no details about how they plan to do so, without also welcoming people responsible for the horrendous acts of cruelty uncovered by interstate.

In addition to revealing these statistics, a Parliamentary inquiry would have forced Greyhound Racing SA to confront allegations that they covered up a doping scandal in 2015 by refusing to swab 60 racing dogs housed at the property of greyhound veterinarian Dr John Katakasi and greyhound trainer Karen Bearpark. This is despite a large quantity of drugs being found at the property, including anabolic steroids and cobalt chloride.

We believe that now, it is even more imperative that State Government steps in and removes Greyhound Racing SA as the regulatory body of this industry.

There remains a blatant conflict of interest in allowing the same organisation that is responsible for the commercial side of greyhound racing, to also be the one policing it.

We will continue to seek the truth, and to advocate for greater transparency from this secretive industry, and improved welfare outcomes for the dogs it breeds.